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Best to use a service that can natively render your landing pages in WordPress – and use a vendor who can support your needs, and leave you with options, so you don’t learn those tough lessons. Luckily most people are moving OFF of Windows 7… I’d check your Google analytics and find out what percentage of traffic that is for your pages (i.e. coming in from Windows 7).

At the moment, Wix doesn’t have the feature where you can charge your members a fee to access restricted pages. Have a look at Sentry Login, which is an independent widget that apparently can help add that function to a Wix website.

Let’s replay the same situation but assuming he went the drop shipping route. He sells the very same t-shirt online. But he doesn’t need to spend the $1000 for the 100 t-shirts. He just puts the product in his e-commerce store and promotes it.

Site123 has stepped onto the scene and really made an impact straight off the mark. This nifty web builder is the perfect solution for private or business internet users, it’s vast array of simple tools spare the hassle of ever needing any web design or coding expertise.

The advantage is that Wix allows you to pick and choose which content you want to display on a much smaller screen (mobile device) – so this gives you more control and flexibility. The drawback is that you have a bit more work to do to configure your mobile website.

To understand ClickFunnels, you have to understand what a sales funnel is. The funny thing is that Brunson almost called ClickFunnels, ClickFusion. Good thing he didn’t. Sounds really strange right about now. But, at the end of the day, ClickFunnels is a platform that helps you build out your sales funnel from start to finish. I’m talking about all the nuances of it. Down to every last detail.

If so, what you will probably need to do is email your customer each time you make a sale to ask them for the artwork. The actual sale between your customer and your store is fairly straight forward. They just visit your online store and purchase the product from you. Just list out on your product page that you will email them for the required information to be added on to the product, before shipping the final product to them.

Get your online store up and running today with Moonfuit’s online store platform. They offer many features and in-depth tutorials that will help you get started selling products and services online. The plat form offers PayPal integration as well as widgets that can extend your store’s functionality.

Now that you’ve looked at several options, asked yourself and these companies some questions, it’s decision time.  What should you choose?  Ultimately, I can’t make that decision for you in this blog post because I don’t know what your existing systems look like for marketing, sales and project management.  However, I’d like to give you a few general guidelines.

Now that you know the background, I have two questions. #1 If we decide to change web builders would we be able to do it easily, keeping our domain name? #2 Is there a particular web builder you would recommend for a business such as ours?

However, none of these website creators offer you built in email services. You can integrate your site with Google Business Apps to power your email, allowing you to have your own custom domain email address, and also use Google’s Gmail user interface which I personally like very much (easy to use and very stable).

As for your last question, if you switch website builders, you will have to re-create your content from scratch. In terms of your domain name, you can just disconnect it from your existing website and connect it to your new website. We have a domain name guide here that you might find helpful.

1. DotCom Secrets Book: In this book, Russell teaches a few cool things to help you increase your conversions and traffics exponentially. He covers on how funnels help you do this in the process as well. (Click here to get the book)

If you’re looking for a hosted cart checkout platform that supports both digital and physical products, 1 click upsells, downsells and membership integration then you’ll likely have come across SamCart and Clickfunnels. I’ve been a member of SamCart for the last 6 weeks and have decided to share my thoughts on this platform. Until recently, […]

To start out, it’s an easy to use page designer, like we know from other systems like LeadPages. Just like LeadPages, they offer a long list of templates and let you change any content you like, however, confined to the fields that the template provides you with.

So visit your real estate tool provider and see if they allow you to embed codes on websites to make work (I’d be surprised if they don’t), and just sign up to a Wix account and give that a try to see if it works well for you!

George puts them online and sells 20 of them at $20 each. BOOM. Great. He makes back $400 in a week. He’s happy if things carry on like this, he’s going to convert $1000 into $2000. Which is a pretty decent return for someone just setting out. Slap on the back. Job well done.

Making money from blogging is probably the most common source of passive income. It needs a lot of hard work and it will take time to run a successful blog. Start by setting up a blog and writing useful content. Once you have loyal visitors, build engagement with them. You can monetize your blog after you write 50+ articles or more.

wow glad I found this site and yes… all is true with the frustrations of understanding and building an effective a WT (EFF)!! funnel is part of the subscription a “one on one” call with a mentor.. the “hot seat” or is that a group meeting on line.? I m looking for some one on one coaching at least for a while till I get rolling, I think any way! JAY

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A powerful website building platform that has an extensive range of website styling and customising options. Slick user interface with the ability to create highly responsive, robust and stylish websites.

My follow-up question. I am wanting to build 50 plus websites, not subdomains, with a separate domain name for each site (currently parked), under one subscription, and with unlimited bandwidth / diskspace. The sites that I hope to build will be simple, informational in nature, and not ecommerce and do not need SSL. I will use only adsense as my sole income stream on each of the 50 sites, but I really seek a company with good tech. support, and by phone if necessary. I definitely want drag and drop since it suits my experience and comfort level, so, with apologies for delaying my question, do you think that Blue Host, using Weebly builder, is a good host and site builder option to use? If so, do you have a Blue Host link that I may click to give you credit? Thanks!

I have been a blogger for over 5 years, the last year w/WP, but I’m seeking a website company were I can make changes to the site myself. I have spent a lot of money hiring we builders! I am leaning towards WIX, but I want to be sure that about it’s hosting capacity. Would you recommend that I purchase a separate host? Also, is it possible to change to a different domain carrier after a year if I want to or am I stuck with WIX?

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