“what does clickfunnels do -is clickfunnels real “

So when I finally had a chance to test the system myself, I was disappointed! Here is why: Lead pages is the most rigid Landing page maker I have ever seen to date. There I have said it. Leadpages expects you to use whatever layout they think is best for you and you just need to roll with it.

Thanks Miles, for sharing this information. I have been trying to keep things simple by having one source of platform for my biz. I was looking at Clickfunnels and was really very keen to be on their membership as it will take away other expenses such as hosting, autoresponders, etc. But looking at what you have written…I am having second thoughts. Thanks for sharing again. I will check out the alternative you have recommended.

No matter the type of business you have, there is definitely a landing page platform out there for you. The leading platforms out there are Leadpages and ClickFunnel. Between the two, I would highly recommend ClickFunnel because, hey I said so. Actually, it really is the better of the two and let me tell you why.

Thank you..this was most helpful. I’m confused about the webinar service….do I still need webinar service like gotowebinar or webinar jam? Or is there already a webinar service (live and automated) included in clickfunnels?

There’s also a lack of continuity between the homepage and the pricing page. The homepage has a black background and the pricing and checkout pages have a white background. I wonder if that’s worth A/B testing.

When you find a deal you like on Groupon, there’s a clear CTA to get you to click. You do need to sign up through email, though. Groupon’s follow-up offers are then tailored to its customers to get them to use the service again.

Whether you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur, business owner or just getting started, ClickFunnels is the ONLY tool available that gives you everything you need in ONE PLACE to market, sell and deliver your products.  

Everything you need to build a website is in Premier page builder and the best part is that it’s all easily customizable. With its drag-and-drop editor, you can make changes on the fly and move elements anywhere you want.

Using funky terms to categorize its services, ClickFunnels divides it into two sections called “Actionetics” and “Backpacks” to show prospective buyers where to look for the kind of services they want in their product as shown in the image below.

The Leadpages’ dashboard strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and robustness. Once you log in to your account, you’ll be presented with several options to get started. You can choose to customize a template, create your first landing page, run split tests, or watch a helpful tutorial before you begin.

Since Thrive Themes is built specifically for WordPress it allows you to make the most of the already powerful platform. You can optimize your entire website for conversions, not just your funnels. An example of this is being able to show specific opt-in offers based on the subject tag of a blog post.

Leadpages offers integration with various software, increasing your scope to do more with your landing pages. You can capture leads and directly send them to the CRM, email list, Webinar platform, or to all the three.

They integrate with all the major email marketing solutions including Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse and they’ve created a custom addon so you can integrate with smaller email providers using a custom code.

You get a number of getting started vides that show you how it works and how you build funnels. These videos also show you how to integrate things like auto-responders and payment processors. As you can see it’s a clean looking interface. It does take a little getting used to if you have used other tools like LeadPages however once you get the hang of it I think you’ll find it a lot easier to use.

It is estimated that online learning industry’s value will top $250 billion by the end of this year. As an expert who has a lot of knowledge to impart, this is an opportunity to tap into this big market.

ClickFunnels are incredible tools used to simplify the process of creating enormous and continuous sales. Simply put, it involves a unique strategy to attract potential customers. It works based on the human psyche by studying how buyers react to sellers. The tool works on building stronger ties to potential customers that would later on be converted into long-term clients.  

Creating a clean landing page with ClickFunnels is very easy and straightforward; however, it is worth noting that the page builder offered by ClickFunnels is not nearly as powerful as the one from LeadPages.

When comparing ClickFunnels with LeadPages, it’s clear that you’ll find two landing page platforms with loads of features. Both are versatile and robust. Both give you the flexibility and scalability to build sales funnels. But, when you take a deeper look, there are some glaring differences. And those differences, in my opinion, are game-changers.

If you start an order, exit the site, and return to the homepage, you can click a button to finish your order. That’s a nice personalized touch. You can also contact them by phone. Not a lot of web-based companies share their phone number. This just builds trust even further.

Hi thanks for the review, I am a new person to all this funnel stuff and I found a similar program that has somewhat the same features bUT cost a lot less. I’m thinking of using instabuilder 2.0 it look ok to me but the say you need wordpress to run it, I have no idea what that means. I thought you make a funnel and point to to the pages you wanted to make your upsell and downsells to I didn’t know you need certain platforms to make this stuff work properly. Do you have any suggestions on this or am I just the novice who doesn’t get this stuff?

But now the similarities to other systems stop. Because, as the name implies, the core of Clickfunnels is not the page itself, but the sales funnel that it is a part of. Clickfunnels know that a landing or sales page will never stand alone, it will always be a part of any part of the funnel.

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