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The biggest strength of ClickFunnels is that it lets you create a full sales funnel, including email follow-ups and event reminders, from a single tool. The software includes a selection of built-in sales funnels for product sales, webinars, membership websites and other common goals.

ClickFunnels is jam-packed with features. Everything you need to build your landing pages and sales funnels is here. Easy to use and versatile. What I love the most about ClickFunnels? Definitely the interface and fact that you can build a fully-functioning sales funnel, literally, within under an hour. This removes so many of the barriers of yesterday. You don’t need a web development team, web designers or to manually integrate anything.

So when I finally had a chance to test the system myself, I was disappointed! Here is why: Lead pages is the most rigid Landing page maker I have ever seen to date. There I have said it. Leadpages expects you to use whatever layout they think is best for you and you just need to roll with it.

These are the same pages and funnels that are responsible for making me multiple 6 figures online. They were designed using the clickfunnels platform so all I have to do is share the link with you and they will automatically be populated into you clickfunnels account. That’s another awesome thing about clickfunnels. If you have a team you can build pages and just send them the share code.

From there, I realized that it will require coming up with niche specific sales funnels in order to sell that to small-sized businesses. Apart from that, I could also sell the very same funnels in the ClickFunnels marketplace, where different ClickFunnels users can purchase them.

Wanted to make sure you had access to all those bonuses, make sure you sign up for Click Funnels through my link. I’ll be sure to reward you and thank you for graciously considering that. If you have any questions you can always email me, josh@groovymarketing.biz. Oh and by the way, if you’re wanting to take advantage of those bonuses just make sure that you email me when you’ve created your Click Funnels account and I’ll send you access as soon as I get it. I do check, and this is my personal email address, josh@groovymarketing.biz, josh@groovymarketing.biz. Again, Josh Rhodes here at Click Funnels Pricing Review, the Etison Suite. Hope this has been informative, hope it’s been helpful and I’ll see you on the other side. Visit groovymarketing.biz whenever you need help with your marketing funnels. Thanks.

You can compare the two ClickFunnels plans on the pricing page, which includes a full list of the extra features included in the Etison Suite. ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial, letting you test either plan at no cost before you become a paying customer.

A less flashy sales page and no affiliate training, but a rather useful blog, they offer a free trial as well and then pricing starts at $99/month includes everything, there’s no upsell to another plan like Clickfunnels.

For most ecom biz owners, split testing is a pain (which is why many of them just don’t do it). But because changing just one word, color, graphic, or anything else can have such a dramatic impact on conversions, split testing is absolutely essential if you want to maximize sales and conversions (and dominate your niche)!

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More so, you can also track the performance of each of your pages through a comprehensive tracking and analytic tools.  You would easily know the progress of your funnels so you can optimize the conversions and profits, as well.

Funnel Build’s “button subscribe” feature takes advantage of the concept of “micro-commitments” which is proven to be more effective at getting users to opt-in vs. traditional embedded forms.  Users simply click a button and the form pop-ups on the page.

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