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This is the power of click funnels. You can set up new ideas you can iterate you could launch them incredibly quickly. Now I’m scrolling through the different templates that we have available you can see they’ve got a lot of professionally designed templates and if you’ve watched some of my other videos where I review squeeze pages and landing pages from some of the pros you’ll notice they’ve got a lot of simple options I love simple options simple works and I’m a huge fan of it so I personally would gravitate towards some of these really simple styles but I was gonna see here on the top you notice they do have the different template right so these are the different templates that we’re looking at here so what you do you just you pick one right and you’re gonna want to make sure your template is very similar all the way through your funnel

– Simple Page Editing, The Goal Is to Make Money – Once we have built our your funnel with the information your provided in your templates then, you will have the ability to go inside each and every one of your pages and make the changes you desire. This is going to be EASY for you!

To be honest, most of the website builders here will have the basic mechanics for you to configure your website SEO settings. The configurations won’t be as flexible as using other more powerful builders (such as WordPress), but in my view they’re good enough. Bear in mind the 80/20 rule, so you don’t spend all 80% of your time trying to perfect the other 20%. You might be better off spending your energy elsewhere to yield a higher return for your business.

Squarespace is also a very good candidate to test out as they have really stylish responsive templates, very mobile friendly, and has 24/7 email support in which they answer emails within 1 hour (which is pretty awesome).

If you’re an affiliate marketer, then the ClickFunnels affiliate program will be extremely attractive to you, even if you’re not a ClickFunnels user, because of the high-value recurring commissions you can earn. You can signup for free as a ClickFunnels affiliate here.

These newsletter tools are fully integrated with the website builders already, so they’re easy to set up and manage. WordPress is a really good and flexible platform, but it’s much more advanced and has a much steeper learning curve.

ActiveCampaign is the perfect way to automate emails, text message marketing, newsletters, and direct marketing—but it does so much more. This flexible software provides you with the ability to create conversion-driving opt-in forms, and leverages the data collected to qualify the leads you capture. It’s perfect for small and mid-size businesses who aren’t yet in need of full CRM or sales software.

Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve heard of Lifeyo before but never tried them on any of our previous projects. I suppose they are “relatively” new so we just haven’t had the opportunity yet. But thanks for bringing it up. I just tried to visit their site but their website isn’t loading – not necessarily a great impression! In any case, I’ll circle back to them when I have some time to take a deeper look.

Given how prosperous the field of marketing is, there’s no wonder that there are various solutions to sales funnel management. One of the tools we recently discussed is LeadPages. As we mentioned, LeadPages is more of a specialist tool. It allows you to create landing pages with ease using its drag and drop editor. However, LeadPages is excellent at building landing pages… and that is it. On the other hand, ClickFunnels is much more comprehensive and offers more marketing back for your buck, albeit being inferior when it comes to landing page design.

The only e-commerce online store builder that provides its own transaction services is Shopify with their Shopify Payments feature. So everything is under Shopify, and so you don’t have to use an external payment processor like PayPal, if you don’t want to.

… is it really this is how you modify it and then with the video here if this is a video squeeze page you simply click on it it brings out the options tab and all you do is plug in your Vimeo URL if you have a Vimeo video I love using Vimeo Pro for my videos so you just pop in there’s not even embed code to deal with it’s that easy pop in your video and it’ll automatically load it there for you and that’s it when you’re good and you’re happy with it obviously you tweak all these little components you simply click Save and it has automatically saved this for you and this is how you get back inside of your editor dashboard with this little back button..

I am a designer but do not know code so I would like to be able to put my creative spin on our site. We bought a GoDaddy domain many years ago so would like to be able to use that. We don’t want to loose our .vine or .wine since these domain extensions were being limited. We do have a .com too. We also want our emails with our domain, myname@victoriansummit. com.

If you are a ClickFunnels member, you are automatically a part of the affiliate program. Even if you are not a member, you can still sign up for the affiliate program. They have a 40% lifetime recurring commission.


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