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Try Lead pages or Click funnels but remember they will cost you monthly having said that it is well worth it Plus if you are a person who continously build pages these tools will take your efforts to the whole new level

Here’s a thought – if you’ve hired a developer to design your WordPress site already…are you going to have to hire him or her again the first time you want to change any on-site designs or tweak something behind the scenes? This could potentially be very costly!

If you don’t have any products to sell and want to get in Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing is for you. And it just so happens ClickFunnels has an amazing affiliate program that gives you 40% RECURRING commission. That’s ~$40/month for every ClickFunnels referrals you send over to them. To put that in perspective, you just need to refer 100 people and you’re making $4000/month. Oh and did I mention they buy you a dream car? 

Specifically, when you start Click Funnels if you sign up using My Links not only will you get a standard six core funnels but you also get 23 of my funnels. I’ll talk to you more in a minute about the rest of my bonuses that I provide just so you’ve got clarity. I want you to get what you want to get obviously but using the links in my video or the links on my blog post you’re assured to get access to those bonuses. One thing you need to make sure of though before you click over is to empty your cache and your cookies in your web browser. Click Funnels affiliate program, which is fantastic, I’m actually one of their top resellers, one of their top affiliate resellers. They pay for a car every month for me, my dream car, it’s fantastic. I have well over 100 affiliates at this point from my Click Funnels business. Those are just people who’ve clicked through and started a Click Funnels account.

However, what you can try to do is create a sub-domain name. So for instance, for your main site you can use your normal domain name (such as example.com). For your blog (2nd website), you can use a sub-domain name, such as blog.example.com.

The course that sticks out like a sore thumb is clearly the last one – Fundamentals Of Neuroscience by HarvardX. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed that course, which is one of the longest and best put together courses I’ve ever taken. It’s also totally free!

Go get his book Expert Secrets, and at the end of the funnel, on the thank you page – WATCH that webinar. Funnelbuilder Secrets is at the end and comes with 6 months of Clickfunnels, Funnelscripts, Traffic Secrets, and the curriculum I’ve developed — Funnel Builder Secrets. It’s EPIC.  🙂

The essential service in the ClickFunnels package is aptly named… ClickFunnels. On the face of it, you may confuse it with another landing page editor, but its capabilities extend far beyond. Once you get the software going, you will be faced with a myriad of design options for your landing pages.

While the huge range of features in ClickFunnels make it hard to replace it with one alternative, there are several tools available that can be used as alternative to specific parts of ClickFunnels for your business.

eHost have earned a solid reputation as one of the best hosting companies in the world. They have unrivaled up-time in their servers, first-class customer service and dirt-cheap pricing. Fortunately, they have kept true to their high standards as a website builder service.

An assortment of page templates is available for each of the different funnel steps. It’s great to use as-is (just add your own copy), or change any and every part of what’s on the screen in a few simple clicks.

There are a lot of designers using drag and drop website builders to help their clients build websites. The advantage includes being able to hand off the website to the client so they can manage it themselves on the go (no need to email / call the designer if you want to change the color of the font, for instance).

EverFunnels AutoWebinar System Pro Version by Karthik Ramani & Chad Nicely is very simple but so Powerful System. It has so amazing features such as Copy From Other Webinars – Once you get your webinar where its performing at it’s peak potential, you can very easily put that webinar into your autowebinar system. Your current webinar will still be ready to go whenever you want to run it, but now you have easily cloned it. Single Run Times – If you want to setup your webinar so that it not only runs on autopiot, but also only runs at certain times and only 1 time shows on the page, you can very easily set this. These type of webinars usually have a higher perceived value because the user doesn’t see multiple times. Multiple Time Runs – If you want to discplay multiple time runs, you are able to do so with our two-step lightbox that will load multiple times. You decide exactly how many time slots you want to show. We’ve made it extremely easy to do this, it’s all built inside of the software. Start On Viewer Clock – We have an amazing feature that will allow you to start your webinar based on the users clock. You are able to set the exact time interval. So if you want that webinar to start 15 minutes from the users current time, you are able to do so with one click. Start Immediately – We have found amazing conversions in certain niches when we don’t make the viewer wait to watch the webinar. In other words, if they go straight from a registration page to the webinar playing. this will give us monster conversions. That’s a one-click setting. Live Chat Box – Social proof is very important even on a simulated webinar. With our system, you can decide if you want your chat box to show or not. That is a simple flip of a switch. You can also decide if you want to record the conversations that are coming through during your webinar and many more. Your attendees can join your chat in your holding room! Get EverFunnels AutoWebinar System now!

With all these services, you build everything yourself, using simple drag-and-drop interfaces. The services even let you include snazzy items such as social share buttons, photo galleries, blogs, and media players. Some even let you restrict viewing with a password and let you have people join up as members of your site (see the table).

In terms of comparing Wix Shoutout and Weebly Promote (their built-in newsletter services) against Mailchimp, I think Mailchimp is probably more advanced as they are a “pure” newsletter service – meaning that’s all they do so they are focused. Also, some may say that Mailchimp will have better email deliverability but I haven’t seen any credible studies / comparisons.

My web designer decided to quit the business and I have to take over the websites for our 3 restaurants. I would like to create something nicer than what we had. Which web builder has stronger restaurant tools? Did you do a review on Web.com yet?

1. In the “Responsive Themes” row, Wix has an X. Does this mean they don’t have mobile-responsive themes? That seems unlikely. I want to make sure my visitors can all my content easily on their phones.

One of the benefits of using Weebly to build your website is that you don’t have to manage any of the technical aspects of operating and maintaining a website. Weebly has teams of technicians to do all that for you.

if anything, I’d check out Shopify or BigCommerce, if you want to keep with hosted ecommerce builders (where you don’t have to manage hosting and other technical aspects of operating your website). They are pure ecommerce builders so you get a lot more ecommerce related tools.

You can have Go Daddy forward pretty much any email address with a domain name you purchase there to another email address. That way you don’t have to actually purchase the email addresses until you’re ready. Worked really well for us. We have three email addresses for one domain name that are forwarded to a Go Daddy email address at an entirely different domain we own. Hope that helps.

In short, ClickFunnels is an all-in-one tool that covers both landing pages and email marketing automation, whereas Instapage only offers landing page design and simple lead gen. However, Instapage can be used alongside other tools to create a complete email marketing toolkit.

I agree with “Space Traveller” and must note that since his comment Weebly totally changed their own website appearance. Not quite sure about the service back-end (the actual product). I just didn’t quite like it, that’s all!

Why would you say this? Besides the monthly fee. I am trying to decide between Clickfunnels and OP2. However I am heavily leaning towards Clickfunnels. From what I see lately a lot of marketers are using it.

That’s a big shame because Wix really is one of the best site builders out there. Their interface is actually very easy to use and the templates look polished and professional. On top of that, the Wix Technical Support team is truly one of the company’s greatest assets.

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