“is clickfunnels free +lead page builder “

The reason that ClickFunnels is so awesome is because it allows you to fail really quickly. What I mean by that is you can create funnels quickly, launch them, and test them much quicker than if you were creating them manually from scratch.

Squarespace produces pages with clean HTML coding that makes it easy for search engine to index your site. In addition, they offer you the ability to customize your page address to make to more SEO-friendly.

Squarespace gives you full control over page titles, meta descriptions, and custom webpage URL.  It also has the “Google Author Rank” built into your profile to improve your search engine exposure & site indexing.  This is automatically done so you don’t have to manually insert snippets of codes into your site which is very convenient.  

I currently use Wix for all the websites I build for others. I am looking at the same issues for a non-profit, but I am also looking for a membership data base that I can group message, by particular group. Would that also be a 3rd party app?

Volusion offers a full suite of eCommerce tools to set up a fully-powered online store. It’s great you’re looking to get set up quickly but don’t have the technical background nor any coding knowledge. If you get stuck at any point, you will have access to their 24/7 support team.

To summarize the differences, StartUp essentially carries the core feature of ClickFunnels, which is called (you guessed it!) ClickFunnels. Easy! Full Suite, on the other hand, packages the cornerstone tool ClickFunnels with two other services—Actionetics and Backpack—and also gives you the full set of ClickFunnels features. You can view the full official list here.

If you’re not looking to make your own affiliate program and want to just focus on your business Click Funnels has all programs beat, with excellent value for the price as well as more usable features and fresh new templates.

A major factor that turns a lot of small businesses off the idea of having a website is the high cost associated with web design agencies. Thankfully, not only do website makers put the power back in your hands creatively, but it won’t cost you an arm or a leg either. We’ve included website builders that offer a range of pricing plans to suit whatever needs you have – some even offer a free plan.

Thanks to two-way sync with most popular calendars – including Google, iCal, Outlook and Office 365 – you’ll always have your current schedule on all of your devices. You can even manage appointments from your smartphone.

Jeremy, this is a great resource, thanks. We are building site for a non-profit organization with several hundred members. We would like to include in our site a people directory of our members that shows pictures and contact information. Do you know if (a) either Squarespace or Wix has a template or app for that, and (b) if either of those two services provides a member login or password protected site functionality? Thanks, Bill

However, in practice, it may potentially be different. So just keep that in mind. There are a lot of discussions about 301 redirects and case studies about moving websites on the internet – so do spend some time studying those.

How? Take time to learn the ropes. It’s like being a middleman online. Potential clients will visit your page then they will click on your affiliate links or ads then once they purchase something, you will earn a commission at no additional cost to them. Interested? The best course out there currently is AMZ Bootcamp by Cloud Living.

Second: I need ppl to be able to search these business by genre and location. I see that Squarespace has an in site search capability, but can’t find info on WIX. Do they have a search capability or Plug in?

That’s a pretty specific niche that you’re in. Wix by far has one of the largest, industry-based templates. What I’d suggest is that you look for a template in the Events section that you like, and just use that as a starting point.

Users will find a robust FAQ section and some really great online tutorials to help them when they get stuck, Support staff can be contacted as well via Phone or email. Too bad they don’t have a Live Chat option, though.

But that is not all; Clickfunnels comes not only with page templates but also funnel templates. Want to make a funnel with a landing for a webinar registration page? That leads to a thank you page? That includes a live webinar page? That has a page for the replay? That leads to a sales page?

IM Creator also allows you to back up your website. Squarespace only allows you to export to WordPress at the moment, whereas Weebly allows you to export all the codes so you can upload them into your own host if you wish. However, just note that not all Weebly functions will work outside of their own hosting platform.

It’s really hard to say, and I do appreciate how challenging it is to hire a developer especially the first time around. There are many many factors that gets factored into the quote, including how complex of a site you want, what platform you want to build it on, etc.

Squarespace includes tons of website designs to get started. All of these designs are fully ready for all types of content. They are fully editable, and Squarespace even allows you to use multiple templates for the same website at once.

Clickfunnels offers affiliates second tier commissions of 5% – (this means if an affiliate sells clickfunnels to Mark and then Mark sells from his or her affiliate link to Sarah, then the affiliate also gets a 5% commission from Sarah and anyone else referred by Mark.)

Thanks for your compliments! I think Squarespace will work well for your needs, especially that Squarespace has really great looking design templates. They also have “Menu Blocks” that can help you create menus within the Squarespace site.

– Get All Your Links And GO GO GO! – EverLesson will produce the most beautiful, highly profitable membership sites in a matter of minutes. These memberships will keep your members engaged and hungry for more of your products!

I’d suggest you take a look at Wix and Weebly to start. Both of these website builders offer you newsletter capability (Wix Shoutout and Weebly Promote). See our Footnote 16 above for more discussions about them.

I am thinking of creating a website that will be a type of online resume complete with experience, testimonials, referrals, etc. It would need to be simple but professional looking. I will either need help building it or would need something very user friendly. I am an account manager so I will use this as a tool to acquire new accounts by having them be able to research my history. What do you think would be the best site to create what I need? Thanks in advance.

I tried Godday and Squarespace overall I liked both however, square space templates are so simple and plain and they only allow one picture to be uploaded for the product. And go daddy doesn’t have a the log in feature.

DudaOne is the simplest way to convert desktop sites to fully-responsive mobile sites via their cool automated conversion process. Don’t worry, DudaOne also lets you easily create your responsive website from scratch too!

He also pointed out that you want to be sure you’re appealing to an urgent problem, because the more urgent the problem, the more likely you’ll secure the reader’s attention. I agree – if you have an urgent problem, you’re likely to see higher conversion rates.

High-ticket coaching: If you sell any type of high-ticket coaching, you should setup a lead-to-application-to-phone-call funnel. This is simple to do. And it’s a great way to make money with ClickFunnels. High-ticket coaching can net you a lot of money if you know what you’re doing. However, traditionally, it’s hard to setup. Just like the e-commerce funnels would be without ClickFunnels.

So Wix ShoutOut is functional in that it helps you send out newsletters to your list of contacts, but they’re not as effective yet in helping you capture or collect email addresses (such as a pop up lightbox, or a sign up form).

To sum it up, ClickFunnels outshines most of other landing page builders out there. Its support for payment processor integration is quite amazing and straightforward. Additionally, its editor allows you to create your pages with ease, without the need for programming skills. If you simply need ready templates, you also have a wider choice of unique templates to choose from. ClickFunnels also provides support videos throughout to guide you through. This coupled with the weekly webinars and reliable support makes it a great landing page builder in the market. The 2 weeks trial period also gives a good opportunity to analyze its performance before deciding to subscribe.

**Note:  LeadPages announced on April 19, 2016 that it now has support for domain mapping.  That’s great news!  But it doesn’t matter for all of their customers who shared their LeadPages on social media using the [name].leadpages.co or one of their other domains.  And they themselves are acknowledging the benefits of using your OWN domain… but you have to go through their steps to implement…. another tech headache!

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