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The great thing about SamCart, especially for those who consider themselves “non-techy” (like me) is that they’ve made it really easy to get your account up and running quickly. Their platform is simple to use and has full library of tutorials and helpful instructions to assist you. Because of its simple interface, comprehensive support features and stellar customer service, SamCart is the best platform for beginners in the digital product industry.

With the new Email Editor its super easy to make awesome emails really fast. That’s what I am most excited about is importing email list to Actionetics and sending out broadcasts in a totally new way. Woohoo!

SamCart’s full suite of features, ease of use and reasonable price tag even at the Premium level is a big reason so many online marketers, like Ryan Deiss, Amy Porterfield and Jeff Walker have already switched over to them.

If you’re not familiar with exactly what a marketing funnel is, here’s a simple explanation: It’s a series of pages your client goes through before landing on your checkout page. The funnel starts with marketing campaigns, then moves down to client engagement, targeted content, email blasts and culminates in a sales transaction (at least, that’s the goal!).

I offer a free webinar covering how to legally manipulate the rules for how interest is calculated, allowing student loans and home mortgages to be paid off in about 1/3 to 1/2 the time without increasing the monthly budget.

So basically, you can build out your optin and sales pages within Clickfunnels and let your contacts complete their payment using Kajabi. That means your buyers can use the one-click upsell through Kajabi.

Leadpages can perform a great deal of actions but doesn’t function like your ordinary email marketing software. Leadpages does not send regular emails to your list like an email marketing software does, it only helps to catch Leads.  

Building a sales funnels with LeadPages, on the other hand, is a hectic and time-consuming process. You’ll need to integrate LeadPages with a payment processor, mailing list software, and other tools to create a sales funnel.

I’m actually following up on Frank’s question (March 1, 2015) regarding unique visitor overages. Have you since learned of the cost for overages? It’s easy to conceive that someone with multiple funnels will go over their allotted monthly cap. I have looked high and low for this information on Click Funnels’ site and elsewhere, but cannot find any mention. And I cannot find a contact email for customer service to ask this question. I’d like to use this company, but would like to know what to expect in additional fees. Thanks for the thorough write up!

If you want to take advantage of the 1 click upsells you’ll need to ensure your website is running the latest version of PHP and you’ve got yourself an SSL certificate and ensure it’s turned on for your entire site (do this through htaccess).

If you don’t know what a sales funnel is, then you need to watch the viral video that Brunson made. It describes funnels. Or, you can go here and read the article that I wrote for Entrepreneur Magazine, which also describes sales funnels. Why are funnels so important? They’re the single most powerful vehicle for helping you to make money online. Yeah, I’m not joking about this whatsoever. If you don’t understand sales funnels, then immerse yourself in this. It’s the single most important concept in online marketing.

When it comes to building your sales funnel and landing pages, there is no better platform than WordPress. In the past I’ve done landing page software reviews on Leadpages, and Clickfunnels and in each the big problem was control. When you don’t control your pages, you don’t really own them.

Yes because obviously I like to make money, but not because I’ve put my money on the line and I do every month. See, this isn’t my only thing. This is kind of my passion, which is internet marketing, and specifically helping other internet marketers or online entrepreneurs build sales funnels and use the right tactics and strategies that will help them get what I’ve been able to attain, which is lots of passive income and multiple lifestyle businesses that reward me every month because I’ve gotten good coaching over the years and I’ve grown as an entrepreneur. 

ClickFunnels is a little more complex than its competitors because it has you create a set of landing pages that are designed to help your visitors go through to reach a goal. Each marketing funnel typically includes opt-in pages, sales pages, an e-mail autoresponder, and order forms at minimum. Each funnel has a different template which makes it easy to build your landing pages.

On the whole, the ClickFunnels landing page builder is a user-friendly tool that lets you create clean, simple landing pages very quickly. This is also its biggest weakness — since it’s built for simplicity instead of flexibility, the types of landing pages you can build are quite limited.

But that is not all; Clickfunnels comes not only with page templates but also funnel templates. Want to make a funnel with a landing for a webinar registration page? That leads to a thank you page? That includes a live webinar page? That has a page for the replay? That leads to a sales page?

Leesa bed mattress is made in the United States. The mattress is well created. The engineering involves 3 layers of premium quality foams. The topmost layer is Avena foam. It is 2 inches thick and is mostly responsible for 2 qualities of the bed mattress. Avena foam contributes to the cooling effect to ensure the mattress doesn’t maintain any body heat, therefore enabling an excellent night’s sleep. The foam also contributes to the bounce that many people like. The topmost layer is firm enough to guarantee steadiness but the bouncy feel makes one comfortably lay on the bed mattress without sinking in. The 2nd layer is the two inches of memory foam. This layer mostly alleviates all the pressure of the bodyweight. This is essential to make sure even distribution of bodyweight so the sleeper doesn’t feel any pressure point. Pressure relief as well as weight distribution naturally contribute to body contouring. It is this layer that makes sure the sleeper is oversleeping a comfy posture and has no discomfort whatsoever. 3rd or the bottom layer is six inches base foam. This is for strength, stability, core support and sturdiness.

It is easy to create Landing page opt-in form. Using Leadpages to build highly converting landing page is easier than using any other designing software because of the availability of various templates to choose from.

It’s the same issue that became apparent when some internet marketing “experts” advocated, “When you can have a Facebook page… who needs a website?”  I even saw people training small businesses and entrepreneurs to NOT have a website, but just put up a Facebook page.  Hindsight being 20/20, we all know that was a disaster for people who built a huge fan base (but highly lucrative for the folks who trained people to build their business on a Facebook page), when Facebook decided to pull the rug out from under them and charge for exposure to the fan base that they worked so hard to build.  It was all rented property, and the landlord changed the rules!  The small businesses and entrepreneurs who followed this advice fell further behind their competition,  while the “experts” moved on to the next “big” thing to advocate.

Nice chatting with you over the phone just now. As I mentioned, it’s best to think of your website as a “leaky bucket” and there are a number of holes to plug (several of which are fairly simple to fix) so that your sales funnel stops “leaking” customers. For instance, here are a few quick wins:

I really love ClickFunnels – people think it’s expensive, like, spend $297/month but in fact with everything Russell is delivering there, pays itself! It’s 1000x more worth then just $297/month that makes being cheap.

But keep in mind that funnels are not simply a series of pages.  It is actually a call-for-action page where you convince your potential customers to take an action from your offer.  It is a series of steps wherein you build and strengthen your relations with your client. 

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