“is clickfunnels a pyramid scheme is clickfunnels a crm “

Wix has a newsletter function (it’s called WixShoutOut) but at the moment, you have to import a set of email addresses you have already, or you can only get your visitors’ email addresses if they contact you through their contact form.

Website templates have a polished and professional design and are loaded with images. The templates are also well-organized into a variety of categories that make them easy to search and match according to your style or line of business.

Clickfunnels offers second level commissions of 5%. What does it mean? Let’s say you have affiliated your friend. You get 40% from that and your friend recruits his friend, then you will get 5% from your friends, friend. If your #1 friend is a great recruiter, then you will earn passive income without doing anything.

This should help separate your customers between those who have purchased content and those who haven’t. However, it’s worth looking into whether you can create a paid membership system, otherwise you may need to figure a workaround such as charging for the course and then manually changing member settings for each person who buys a subscription.

There’s a few. Worldwide Brands is probably the biggest competitor and the most well known. It’s a bigger directory but it’s geared to power drop shippers who have done it a while, rather than beginners. They have over 16 million products to search through.  It’s also a touch more expensive setting out, there’s a one time fee that’s more than 3 times more than what Salehoo ask for their directory and support services.

If you want to consider another website creator, I’d suggest Squarespace. Their designs are quite suitable for photographers and designers. They do offer a 14 day free trial period so you can give them a test drive to see how they work out for you.

Webs offers a simple website builder platform suitable for small business and personal websites. It has an intuitive easy to use builder, with pre-made website designs, and a powerful set of features.

To understand ClickFunnels, you have to understand what a sales funnel is. The funny thing is that Brunson almost called ClickFunnels, ClickFusion. Good thing he didn’t. Sounds really strange right about now. But, at the end of the day, ClickFunnels is a platform that helps you build out your sales funnel from start to finish. I’m talking about all the nuances of it. Down to every last detail.

There isn’t a website maker that I’m aware of that allows users to upload their own files into your website. You can probably create one by it will require a much more powerful, heavily customizable website maker (perhaps WordPress or something like that).

For some other website makers that offer responsive templates, even though the website will display well on mobile devices, you have no control over how the site will be displayed (unless you edit the codes to the template). With Wix, you get a certain level of control via its mobile editor. The drawback, is that you do have to do a bit more work to edit your site in the mobile editor but I think the trade off for the additional control / flexibility is well worth it.

I know it’s a daunting decision and process, so take your time in studying what others have done. Learn more about the domain migration process (and make sure you confirm with your current provider that you can move your domain name) and also the 301 redirect process.

The annual discount was a nice surprise. However, their admin panel is VERY slow, with each action taking 5+ seconds to load. The outdated design, limited customizations, and SLOW page loading times were also problematic. You’re better off looking somewhere else.

I can’t believe how much faster I’m able to build my sales funnels using FunnelFlux. I love that it’s self-hosted (I’d NEVER trust a company to host my tracking solution), runs incredibly fast no matter how many clicks you throw at it, and runs great on a cheap VPS.

Squarespace is fully integrated with Stripe, which is a popular financial transaction processor that is fully integrated with Squarespace’s ecommerce tools. Stripe is currently available in Australia as you can see on this chart here.

Select from a variety of preset color schemes and color variations to easily and quickly assign new colors to your theme. Choose from over a million colors! You can also override preset colors and add your own own color variations.

I’ve used a lot of systems – and WordPress is confusing (to say the least), hand coding using HTML (or even Dreamweaver) has it’s learning curve, and the capabilities of others on the market are just horribly over-simplified (meaning you don’t have the control or the elements to do what you need to be doing)…

Why The 5 minute ‘Bump Test’ can increase your conversions by as much as 33% on products and services that you are ALREADY selling… and you’ll learn how the ‘Bump Test’ can give you 3x’s the eyeballs to your other offers without having to change anything but the order your prospect sees your stuff… – pg. 160 [Fig. 13.1a]

Chris, thank you so very much for that. I am new to all of this and feel so overwhelmed in trying to figure out what system to use and how to put it all together. I have written 3 ebooks and have a course to go with one. One is a free give-away. I didn’t know where to start, but wanted to just do the free give-away in exchange for the emails. Later on, I thought I’d offer the course that goes with that book. What do you recommend? Do you think I should just stick with Leadpages and collect the emails and then when I’m ready to offer the course, use ClickFunnels? Can the names collected in LeadPages be integrated into ClickFunnels? I’m still trying to work this all out. Thanks for any help/guidance you can give.

If you decide to use Wix to create the website, you don’t have to change your email services at all. You can just keep your email service provider as is (don’t change), and just create your website using Wix. So in a way, you can mix and match your service providers. They are completely independent / separate items.

You can sign up for a FREE 2-week trial today, and see how simple it is to build funnels that are perfect at selling your product even if you’re no good at selling or you’ve never built sales funnel ever before.

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But you can always hire capable designers to help you build your website. For instance, Squarespace has a listing of designers, developers and set up experts that you can hire to help you out. They’re not a part of Squarespace, but they are listed on their website.

There are few sites I write on, at pt-job ft-income I’m just introducing peeps to how we can earn residual income online.  I wanted to share a brief expose of Convertri, but knew the price point for new marketers may be a sticking point. 

Sales funnels are a ton of work! There’s the content, the copy, the design, the tech, the emails, and the ads. It can easily take two months or LONGER to get a beautiful sales funnel up and running, especially if you need to shoot some video. Lucky for you, I’ve learned a few hacks and tricks that speed up the process, once you’re inside Clickfunnels.

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