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OTO 1: It’s red to capture the customers attention and it reads, “NOTICE: You Have Successfully Purchased [Product Name]; However, Your Order Is Not Complete… Please Check Out This Exclusive Offer!”

If you do have a WordPress site, and an autoresponder service, then Thrive is a viable alternative, but you have to remember it is designed for making pages, rather than funnels, so it lacks a lot of the features that ClickFunnels has.

If you don’t see a template that matches your current vision, I’ve found that it’s just as easy to start from scratch. This can be done by picking any template and then quickly deleting each of the sections on the page.

The ClickFunnels dashboard features a neat and clean user interface and is incredibly easy to navigate through. Once you log in for the first time, you’ll be able to begin creating your first sales funnel by simply clicking the Create New Funnel button.

Which is better, to use an opt-in form or a landing page? In the case of an opt-in form, I can use one or more of the 5 different types provided in ThriveLeads and have them display on an existing page. If I use a landing page as the opt-in form, however, I’d (1) have to create a completely new page and (2) I would be limited in the kinds/types of opt-in form types I could use. Am I overthinking this and confusing myself or is there actually an optimal strategy that I’m missing here?

If you’re just starting your online course and you have little to spend, ClickFunnels will help you set up the necessary things like sales page and your courses at a lower price. It gives you enough options to set a strong platform for your courses.

While that is unique, Harvest also offers detailed testimonials that are worth mentioning. These are real case studies of Harvest in action. These companies get some free publicity and help Harvest look better.

Their CTA is always above the fold. There’s really not a lot going on here. It’s worth noting that they are frequently A/B testing. That means the design could change from the time we publish this post. There’s a “how it works” page that clearly explains the services.

It’s unclear how many templates you actually get as they’re constantly adding new ones, as of right now it’s around 100 templates with an emphasis on the usual sales page, webinar, membership, free+shipping templates.

In addition to these costs, you have the option of buying “premium” template themes for creating your funnels. The prices can vary anywhere from $47 to $297 per design and the costs also depend on the type of funnel you choose to build.

The $97 per month ClickFunnels plan also includes useful conversion optimization features like A/B testing, as well as full access to the software’s email integrations and the ability to make use of native integrations with payment processors like Stripe.

The first landing page platform to be built was Unbounce, and it functions most similarly to InstaPage. Unbounce is a powerful editor that allows you to customize almost every element of your landing pages. It can be viewed as complex for new users, but there are great tutorials available to help.

It is a little pricey but with the kind of features and conversions you will the price will be worth it. You can read more about Clickfunnels in my recent blog: Leadpages vs ClickFunnels: Landing Page Comparison.

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TL:DR: Looking to build a pure e-commerce business by selling products or services? Just use Shopify. For regular businesses, SaaS businesses, Startups, Blogs, and for most other use cases, use Sumo, Unbounce, and Drip for email marketing Automation.

If you are interested in creating a webinar funnel where you want users to register for the webinar, this can be done easily using ClickFunnels. In fact, it can let you create complete webinar-type funnels with auto-replays for the users, their email collection and much more. Currently, ClickFunnels offers webinar integration with WebinarJam Studio, GotoWebinar, and EverWebinar.

So basically, you can build out your optin and sales pages within Clickfunnels and let your contacts complete their payment using Kajabi. That means your buyers can use the one-click upsell through Kajabi.

ClickFunnels is a hosted platform, meaning it takes care of the domain and hosting in house. This is great if you just want a funnel and not an entire website, because you’ll have everything you need to get that funnel on the web immediately.

If you opt for a pre-built funnel, you can go with one of the six funnels that come included in your free 14 day trial, or you can share a funnel created by another marketer within the ClickFunnels community.

We use it most often to understand where people are not converting into leads on forms and to understand the on-page behavior of our opt-in pages. By understanding the behavior and what people are doing on those pages, we can improve rapidly. Much faster than simple landing page AB testing.

Other tools on the platform allow marketers to expand their cart size capacities to include upsells- and down-sells if needed. You can offer multiple order fulfillment options so that buyers have more options for receiving their products. You can accept Paypal as a form of payment, which is a big deal because Amazon is a competitor of Paypal so they do not support Paypal payments. But this is vital to affiliate marketers because being able to accept Paypal payments increases your revenue by as much as 27%. 

If you do an interview or guest post, you can send people directly to your landing page. It doesn’t help you as much to send people to your blog or website’s homepage. People sent directly to your homepage have too many options, may not find what they’re interested in, and more often than not, will leave. So, if you’re doing a podcast interview or guest post, it would be better to send people to a landing page where they can opt-in. Once you have someone’s email address, you’re able to communicate and build a relationship with them. It’s much different than if they simply visited your blog once, two weeks ago. You catch my drift?

In terms of quiz functionality, Teachable quizzes are fairly basic. Teachable allows you to add multiple choice quizzes to any course lecture, but that’s about the extent of it. You cannot have paragraph answers or even file uploads.

Any time you land on a checkout page and see a “checkbox” you can click to add something additional to your order…that’s a checkout bump!  It’s one of the easiest ways to increase overall order value and profitability.

Another huge benefit from using ClickFunnels, in addition to the product itself, is the education you get along the way. Not just the product training, but the whole mindset that ClickFunnels is built around. If you become a member of the ClickFunnels community, you will find it difficult to avoid raising your marketing game as you almost subconsciously absorb all these principles.

One of the common mistakes of business owners and even sales and marketing managers is that they put too much effort on building and managing their website. More often than not, they fall into a common mistake of deviating on their actual goal.  Instead of focusing on getting more sales, they are burdened with doing the time-consuming stuff.

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