“how much does clickfunnels cost -is clickfunnels a pyramid scheme “

– Affiliate System: If you are planning to have a big product launch, its very natural to work with several JV partners to reach their audience with your message. Every time their audience buys your program, they get a cut of that sale. Automating this process usually requires some sort of affiliate tracking system like – AffiliateWp, Omnistar, iDevAffiliate etc). But with Clickfunnels you get their affiliate system “Backpack” for free and its included in their higher tiered Enterprise plan. With Backpack you can manage all your affiliates, multiple affiliate tiers, commission plans etc.

In fact, what I forgot to mention within my review is that you can also choose to put your CF account on hold for only $9.99/month if your funds are low. I think it’s a great idea because it means you don’t lose any funnels that you’ve already built.

The Etison Suite (or Enterprise Account): The ClickFunnels pricing for this type of account is $297 per month. This includes the Actionetics Email Software and the Backpack Affiliate System. This is the most complete package and includes everything needed, within one price.

As a first time user it might take a little getting used to the ClickFunnels editor. But once you’ve got a hold of it, be creating landing pages in practically no time. This is especially true if you take the template approach where you simply select a template, replace dummy text with your own, and choose a publishing option.

For some reason, this process seems to take around 8-10 seconds every time. While I don’t know what’s really going on behind the scenes, it doesn’t make sense to me why this would take so long. It’s a bit annoying, although just a minor inconvenience.

Thanks Shane, Excellent tutorial! Just a couple of suggestions for Content Builder: It would be good to have a text shadow option for headlines created from the Paragraph / Text element box like you have done for content boxes as it would enable headlines to really stand out.

I am one of their more established affiliate resellers. I also pay them the most I possibly can every single month, subscribing to their Etison Suite Plan.  I am also a member of Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle ($25K per year) and The Two Comma Club.

If something is not working out, just let us know! We will give you a hand and help you get up and running with funnelKit GO! If it doesn’t work for you, and we cannot help you, and nothing can be done – we will give you your money back!

I help tech companies, coaches and infopreneurs build highly profitable, behavior driven sales funnels to qualify and convert cold traffic into customers. I also run national and international scale SEO driven content marketing campaigns that drive a 10x – 30x ROI.

I am a novice when it comes to using for marketing.  I was looking for something that was straightforward and easy to use.  That is why I like using funnelkit.  I still am a novice when it comes to using most tool, but funnelkit is one tool that I really enjoy using and one that made things easier for me.

If you need help in building highly converting funnels or want to know more how a funnel can generate ROI for your business feel free to book a free consultation on my site, NewlyPack. I’ll be more than happy to help you.

And if you’re like me, you’ll really appreciate the new ClickFunnels email builder which emulates the landing page editor and is extremely easy to use. It uses a streamlined version of the landing page editor to build email templates and broadcasts which are formatted perfectly for email clients and on movile.

ClickFunnels was not created for list building on a website. It doesn’t work intuitively with any other website content besides the funnel based pages and pop ups. Even if you just after lead generation funnel and not an entire website, ClickFunnels would be serious overkill considering the price point.

Now, whether you use ClickFunnels, LeadPages, InstaPage, Unbounce or another landing page builder, getting those conversions is going to be the key to success. To do that? Split-test the heck out of your landing pages, one-time offers, up-sells, down-sells, sales letters, images, VSLs, button colors, button text and so on and so forth. Get the drift? You have to be meticulous. But the best part is that once your funnel hits, it hits.

It’s never been easier to get what you want from a landing page creator… just select the elements you want to use by clicking on them, drop them where you want them to appear and viola! InstaBuilder does the rest…

I signed up for the 14 day trial of Clickfunnels and was really impressed with the interface. I do agree that the $97 a month fee is a huge turn off. I’m still using a wordpress and Landing Page Monkey combo which seems to work ok. not as slick as click funnels but much cheaper.

The final feature I want to introduce to you guys today is action funnels. Action funnels are another extremely powerful part of Actionetics which allows you to take internal and external actions on your list.

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