“who owns clickfunnels -how clickfunnels works “

It allow a certain extents of customization. Preferably adjusting elements dimensions. Some tools offer custom boxes for users to enter custom CSS and JS code, which I think very good for advanced users

On the billing side of things, I think it depends the projects, like I said, I have done some revenue shares, I have been paid up upfront. I will be very hesitant to take anything that is less than 50% upfront. This is like kind of the standard. You want to work with someone who has proven results and track records, 50% shouldn’t be any issue. Especially if you qualify the best leads then you shouldn’t have any issues.

During my learning, I met many online students, made friends and met mentors. All of us working toward creating ourselves a more meaningful future. Two people who have absolutely stood out for me are Bev and Ed Hutton. Firstly, for their authenticity in wanting to share their knowledge and many years’ experience with others, and also for giving back so willingly. Bev and Ed are always happy to help, which they have done in bucket loads! So good to have friendly help along the way.

https://www.thesaleswhisperer.com/podcast http://MakeEverySale.com Runs big events with mega-stars such as Sir Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gary Vaynerchuk, Eric Thomas (“how bad do you want it?”) to help real estate agents do better marketing to grow their businesses He’s a former real estate agent who was taught just one way of gro ……

Downsells are like asking, “Are you sure?” after someone has just declined your invitation/offer and then adding to that, “I’ll even (insert added benefit [e.g. take $10 off | throw in free shipping | give you a second one on us]) as a way of sweetening the deal and giving your customer an opportunity to change their mind.  Think of downsells as a “second chance” offer.

These are super helpful! I’m new to the CF scene.. has anyone set up a funnel for an event that links to EventBrite? ive downloaded the Event Application funnel below to start from there in the meantime.

1. Redoing your page with TLP will take you literally 10 minutes of your time. You can copypaste all your existing copy into a readymade template. All you have to do is connect the readymade form into your autoresponder API and you’re done. And it’s worth it.

Ready to create a killer sales letter to help convert more visitors into sales—even if you haven’t written a sales letter before? Check out the Sales Page Checklist and see the 13 steps needed for every sales letter (includes sales letter example). Download the Sales Page Checklist below.

Are you serious?  Of course you can! You can track every step of the way.  You can add your Facebook pixel and Google Analytics ID’s right in the app settings, but you can also add custom scripts to any page for further and more accurate tracking.

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I’m using both Leadpages and Clickfunnels. I really like click funnel because I can create the entire funnel including one time offers and the really nice order form. One thing I’m really struggling with is that there membership function is so basic it’s almost unusable for me, and there’s no way to integrate with a more sophisticated membership site plug-in or system.

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  1. Content piece engagement rate – If you have calls to action on multiple blog posts or other on-site content pieces, you’ll want to know which are sending the most converted customers through your funnel so that you can replicate your success with future releases. Tracking engagement rates on each call to action will give you this information.
    Very nice, thank you. I make funnels for a hardware e-store, and neither of the above projects seemed similar to ours, they sell services, SaaS mainly. Can you show me some examples for my type of business please? Thank you
    Sure, Frank probably has a copywriting team to help him write these kind of sales letters. But he’s also practised himself and learnt everything he can on copywriting, sales copy and ad copy. Without continually writing and publishing and getting it wrong, Frank is never able to start getting it right.
    Leadpages is pretty much the go-to for landing pages. You can choose from hundreds of high-converting templates from their page builder library and they even show you the highest converting ones. They’ve got everything from squeeze pages to webinars, lead magnets, sales pages… it’s all in there. Just pick a template, change the colors, text and images, hit publish and you’re done.

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