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Re: #3 – deliverability with SENDGRID is not 100% — yes, SENDGRID is hosted within Google’s cloud environment, but that doesn’t give SENDGRID a free pass on email deliverability with Google. Download the eBook above that outlines the three factors that determine email delivery to the Inbox – you might be surprised based on your thinking that 100% of email from them makes it to the inbox. Just not so. In fact, the servers you send from are only one-third of the equation. Based upon our real-time monitoring, Sendgrid’s sender reputation has declined over the last 10 months.

Although the page builder is not as versatile as that of LeadPages, it is still flexible enough to let you achieve almost any design goals. You can add videos, textboxes, shopping cart buttons, and numerous other elements to your pages with a single click.

Clay would argue the opposite, that having just one system, which has to do everything and which you are solely dependent on for your online business, is not just a frustrating mess but a dangerous position to be in.

And if you’re like me, you’ll really appreciate the new ClickFunnels email builder which emulates the landing page editor and is extremely easy to use. It uses a streamlined version of the landing page editor to build email templates and broadcasts which are formatted perfectly for email clients and on movile.

After signing up for Groupon, you’re kind of left in the dark about what to do next. You don’t know if you’re looking in the right place. You’re not sure where to search by location (it’s in the upper right hand corner, by the way). The user experience is a bit confusing and can turn customers away.

Now this is just one example. You can create these types of sales funnels with all the pages connected and linked to your email marketing service and billing system. You see things are really easy with ClickFunnels.

I help tech companies, coaches and infopreneurs build highly profitable, behavior driven sales funnels to qualify and convert cold traffic into customers. I also run national and international scale SEO driven content marketing campaigns that drive a 10x – 30x ROI.

Clickfunnels with its backpack, allows you to have affiliates and you can track the performance of your affiliates. You can track the number of impressions clicks and conversion by your affiliates. Clickfunnels allows you to have an unlimited number of affiliates and unlimited affiliate clicks per month.

If you’re building a membership site then Samcart is the perfect solution for accepting credit card payments or Paypal and providing instant access to your members. Want to sell them something else? You can add up to 6 upsells and downsells with 1 click functionality.

Not only can you create an unlimited number of standalone marketing pages right on your very own Shopify domain, but you can now create full product funnels complete with landing pages > upsells > downsells > checkout pages > and a thank you page.  The best part? Because everything is actually on YOUR Shopify store, all your existing integrations, shipping settings, and fulfillment providers still work as they normally would!

Personally, I think the double-opt-in step in Infusionsoft is terrible and it doesn’t let me customize the subscriber experience the way I want. Because of that, I use a “self-made” confirmation process in Infusionsoft where the confirmation link adds a new tag and the tag starts the next sequence. This means that even existing subscribers have to go through the same process again, which admittedly isn’t great either. What you could do is add a condition to your campaign, where existing contacts will get the email with a link to the download page immediately. But then the opt-in process doesn’t quite add up anymore, because they’ll still see your confirmation page with the message about having to confirm the address.

3. I have a technical issue, although it is small and seems like it should be easy to fix, I’m going on 2 days now with no solution from their technical team. I have a button that will not link to the next page in the funnel. I can’t drive traffic until that gets fixed, so I’m just stuck sitting on my hands right now… and not making any $!

Ibecame a Leadpages customer back in September 2013, just nine months after they launched, and a Clickfunnels customer back in August 2015, 11 months after they launched. This post offers a genuine Leadpages review vs Clickfunnels in terms of ability to create high converting landing pages and compares based on ease of use, features, integrations, support and price. It also looks at their different approaches of being an all in one package (click funnels) vs a best of breed approach (lead pages).

Wow Miles, your genuine desire to help but more than anything your actual humanity is beyond refreshing….. I have been contemplating clickfunnels for a few months and was literally about to pull the trigger when I thought I would do one more Google search for whatever reason to be positive I did my due diligence and came across this article.

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