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Instapage offers the built-in analytics tool so it’s easy to analyze page performance. This powerful tool lets you set display rate percentages, select date ranges, view conversion rates over time, and view conversion rates vs. unique visitors. You can see all of the A/B testing results in the dashboard.

Taking courses was an offline thing but now many people are taking courses online. According to a survey by Babson Survey Research Group, more than a quarter (28 percent) of higher education students are enrolled in at least one online course.

This is advantageous on your part because you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to make it work. Plus, you don’t have any headache on getting to know how each strategy works because the ClickFunnels will do it for you.

Hey Matt! Thanks for this article, it was super helpful! I tried to scroll through some of the comments, but figured I should just shoot you a message. There weren’t a ton of B2C examples in your list and was hoping you had some more up your sleeve. I just launched my company, Make It Hapin, and I’m living on a prayer haha. My finances are limited so my ability to pay for ads in order to test possible funnels is very limited but I’m trying. Make It Hapin is a personalized shopping service designed to help you recreate inspiration images you see on Pinterest and Instagram. The struggle is figuring out a way to get people to remember us while they’re swiping through their feeds. Anyway, I’ve included my website…I’d love it if you could take a look!

Learning the proper way to build funnels can be just as hard as learning SEO, anyone can do it but only a pro can do it correctly. Clickfunnels and quickly turn you into a funnel building customer behavior pro.

These are not your run of the mill WordPress templates. Included are over 60 to choose from. One is considered the most advanced WordPress template you can buy right now. Why? Because it has a built in page builder that you normally to buy an extra plugin for. Yours free.

Both LeadPages and ClickFunnels are known to be wonderful tools. I have used both the tools and once do not need to have any coding knowledge for using the LeadPages. On the other hand, ClickFunnels helped me in creating the sales funnel in my system. Both of them have awesome dashboards but I would suggest ClickFunnels as it comes with powerful statistical data along with the flat icons.

Also, I noticed you upload the opt in gift to your wordpress site…do you think that is preferable to using something like dropbox (that’s what I currently do and I’m slowly and surely following the things you’re teaching).

Before our templates go live they’re go through a rigorous testing process to make sure they’re mobile friendly.  This means your sites look great no matter what type of device your customers are using.

However there are inherent limitations with the all in one approach. There are obvious things you can do with Samcart that you can’t do within clickfunnels such as charge $X now and $Y after 7 days in a single payment. Instead you have to hack this together with different stripe plans and using the ‘order bump‘ feature in the way shown below. I wanted to set this up on a free plus shipping ski wax funnel but didn’t use this approach as it felt unclear and misleading to the customer.

If you are searching for the best WordPress sales funnel and landing page builder, then this video will save you from all the headaches of researching and testing. This is part one of the OptimizePress vs Thrive themes review.

Mixergy works because they’re getting contact information. They’re giving you access to all of their content, but they’re charging you for it. There are areas of the site only members can access. There’s a little bit of mental friction there.

Click or Sales funnels can be created on virtually any web hosting platform. Whether you have GoDaddy, Bluehost, GreenGeeks or another host, you can create a click funnel for the same monthly cost you already pay now.

Whereas Thinkific enables growing businesses to integrate or build their own solutions, Kajabi takes more of a walled-garden approach, offering a broad set of features with the intent of graduating customers into higher pricing tiers.  While Kajabi does offer some integrations, customer reports suggest they are often ill-supported as they essentially compete with the tools Kajabi has built in-house.

ClickFunnels allows integration of some of the familiar names like Mailchimp, AWeber, Drip, ConstantContact, Pureleverage, Sendlane and more. You can add shopping cart software like Strip, Infusionsoft, Clickbank, Taxamo, Ontraport and JVZoo too.

This is where it gets wicked for marketers. Backpack gives you one central air traffic control tower for your very own affiliate program.  Got an offer? Of course you do.  Get it in front of more traffic by offering affiliates great commissions.

You can certainly use other products, but the good thing about hosted solutions like LeadPages and Clickfunnels is that they track your conversions and generally do really good converting templates you can use.

If you’re getting started with internet marketing and ready to create your first funnel it’s often daunting to see so many solutions being recommended. It doesn’t help that all the major funnel builders offer an affiliate program of 30-50% so many marketers will simply push you to signup as they’ll receive recurring monthly commissions.

I’ve learned some hard lessons but more than that, I currently operate three, four businesses using Click Funnels. I spend anywhere between 30 and $50,000 a month on Facebook ads, and every one of those ads go directly to my Click Funnel sales funnels that I build or my teams build and I use Click Funnels Etison Suite, which included Actionetics and Backpack. Now, if you’re watching this video still you’re probably not a rainbow chaser, you’re someone who actually has a legitimate business or you have a legitimate business plan or you are already on some other softwares and you’re just duct taping sales funnels together. 

Nice chatting with you over the phone just now. As I mentioned, it’s best to think of your website as a “leaky bucket” and there are a number of holes to plug (several of which are fairly simple to fix) so that your sales funnel stops “leaking” customers. For instance, here are a few quick wins:

If you want to take advantage of the 1 click upsells you’ll need to ensure your website is running the latest version of PHP and you’ve got yourself an SSL certificate and ensure it’s turned on for your entire site (do this through htaccess).

If something is not working out, just let us know! We will give you a hand and help you get up and running with funnelKit GO! If it doesn’t work, and we cannot help you, and nothing can be done – we will give you your money back!

Building and editing pages inside Funnel Builder 2.0 is a snap with our “drag-and-drop” technology.  Don’t like the positioning of a particular element?  No problem.  Simply drag and drop the element wherever you like on the page or completely remove items all together.

3) Landing page opt-in form creation is easy. Designing a highly converting landing page may be a tedious task unless you are using Leadpages. It is easy and fast. There are great templates to choose from.

You’re having to use Lead Pages over here and Infusionsoft over here or Mail Chimp over there or this application or that or whatever. You’re trying to get all these things done. You should be trying to get these things done, they’re important to your business but you’re losing a lot of time and you’re honestly investing in too many things. In my blog post I bring up this one section where I’m talking about essentialism at its best, which is Click Funnels pricing model. There’s a book called “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown, I hope I pronounced his name correctly. Anyway, he talks about that we’re likely doing too many different activities rather than focusing on the one or two activities that truly bring results. 

This amazing funnel builder software by Russell Brunson is in my opinion the best sale funnel builder for the price. It is also ran by legitimate marketers that have put out solid programs and been in the game for a while. Also they come running on click funnels hosts so no more uploading and dealing with problems with hosting. Big name companies use very similar hosting to power their sites to run fast.

Honestly, I have zero experience in webinars… Literally try as hard as possible to not watch them and have never put one on… not even one. That will change eventually but until then, I’m in the dark with the tech there.

So there’s a gap…when someone goes through my funnel and signs up for membership (aka converts), there’s no way for my actual membership site to know that they are now a member and have a log in/access… any suggestions?

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  1. Wonderful tutorial. I would like to skip the email opt-in step, and instead have a user fill out my opt-in form, and if it validates upon clicking the submit button it will auto redirect to my download page. I don’t always setup my newsletter platform (mailchimp) to double opt-in, so it’s nice if I can simply redirect the user after they fill out the form in my lightbox.

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