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But my clients were STILL shelling out thousands of dollars for my team to put together these pages for them—and while the investment quickly paid off, I found that many independent LOs couldn’t afford the upfront expense.

Outsell, Outmanage, Outmotivate And Outnegotiate Your Competition with Harvey Mackay. Discover the 6 word secret to building a high level network of indispensable contacts, the importance of integrity in business, wow to unleash more creativity than you ever thought possible, and more. Harvey Mackay is a multiple NY Times Bestseller, and his bo ……

Do what you’re comfortable with, and do it consistently. After six to eight weeks, you’ll begin to reap the rewards. Within six weeks, I began getting referrals from people I didn’t know because they’d heard I was “the Shopify guy.”

Instead of coming up with a bespoke offer, and pricing for every single client you talk to, why not publish an offer that represents a great starting point for you to do your best work, for your ideal client?

Hello Bar is a landing page supplement. A thin bar that runs across top of any page that serves two purposes: you can display an important message to your visitors as well as capture their contact information.

Frank Kern is the creator of Behavioral Dynamic Response which is an automated marketing method that speeds up your sales cycle by customizing your marketing messages based on your prospect’s behavior.

Copyhour is a copywriting course that emails you daily swipes of some of the most successful, high converting direct response copywriting ads of all time. What’s more, you get an explanation on why it was successful, with your assignment to copy it out by hand and then discuss it with the group.

There’s a signup box on their homepage, but it’s not clear if that’s the place to sign up. It’s just a form with a black background. There’s also no image near the signup form. They could focus on adding more visual cues.

1. If Infusionsoft’s required $2,000 training fee bothers you, Ontraport doesn’t have that as part of their sign up process. If you chose Ontraport, you’d get a very similar feature set and you’d have $2,000 to spend on, for example, driving new prospects (and thus more new customers) to your site with an Adwords campaign.

This is one of my older articles from before I got an editor on board… But you shouldn’t be made to read all my crappy spelling, so I’ve asked her to go through this article as well to see if we can’t raise the quality a bit.

I choose “scroll popup” from the advanced settings screen, set my scroll percentage and limit, and copy and paste the popup code into the backend of my site’s code (between the


tags, if I haven’t already done it).

I disagree with the assumption here that the new IS user would walk away from the training sessions with everything set up. That’s not the case, as far as what I’ve seen for folks who have signed up for Infusionsoft through me.

It points visitors in the right direction. You don’t need to have strong directional elements (such as an attentive face, a person’s arm, or an architectural angle) in your background image, but if you do, make sure they all point toward your headline and call to action. Bold lines pointing away will subtly distract visitors from your message.

After signing up for Groupon, you’re kind of left in the dark about what to do next. You don’t know if you’re looking in the right place. You’re not sure where to search by location (it’s in the upper right hand corner, by the way). The user experience is a bit confusing and can turn customers away.

Exit detection pop-ups, which can draw a prospect back to your site before leaving it. OptinMonster’s pop-ups appear during the crucial “mouse out” moment. This is right as the prospect is about to type in a new web address or press the “back” button.

What would you do if you had to start over or reinvent yourself? In this episode, you’ll discover The Four Hour Reinvention in this sit-down interview and discussion with Joe Polish and Tim Ferriss. Tim is a serial entrepreneur, NY Times Best Selling Author, angel investor, and advisor. Recorded Live From the Genius Network Annual Event. Here’s ……

You have to be different in a way that serves your audience. This doesn’t mean writing longer pieces, publishing more often, or even becoming a spectacular writer. What it does mean is offering a new perspective or angle.

It is truly a pleasure to work with Cornelia, the Funnel Gal. She is an amazing talent and truly authentic in her approach to sales funnel building and client appreciation. Cornelia is a copywriting n…inja who has mastered the psychology of relationship building for online marketing. If you’re on the fence about hiring a funnel expert, well look no further than Cornelia Pauline. She truly has the magic touch in helping you attract your ideal clients in any niche. Connect with Cornelia today if you seek high-quality sales funnels that clients and customers trust in. There’s no funny business with this funnel gal ;-). See More

You’ll learn the online sales funnels I use for my Consulting Clients to help them sell $5K, $10K and $30K Coaching Programs, Products & Services. These Funnels take prospective clients through the essential steps toward working with you at the highest level. People need to:

I think most people who sign up for Infusionsoft will fall into the category of benefiting from, and appreciating, the one-on-one training. I’m just not a fan of a business model that requires people to pay a large amount of money upfront for training on how to use a product.

The speed at which you follow up with your new leads also helps you close more! With the OSP app that you get free as a lifetime member allows you to get real-time push notifcations straight to your phone! This means that no matter where you are, you can quickly engage with your new leads over a phone call, text, or email.

This means you can get your clients paying OSP through your link which you earn 54% on! Then you can get paid to manage their OSP account for them. A total win-win solution for your leads, and your clients!  

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