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When you can see an offer that goes from email conception, to squeeze page, to sales page, to order page, to confirmation, AND see the stats that are part of it – then not only will you keep your web page together, but you’ll be able to keep you sanity intact.

As expected of a company that has been in operation for longer than most site builders have existed, Webs provides an excellent and intuitive user interface in their web builder. The layout is clean and intelligently designed so users won’t be distracted or overwhelmed by the other features.

Once you choose your domain name, you can begin editing your site. Everything is laid out really simply, with popular content/elements (text box, add image, etc.) in pre-arranged and easy-to-access sections. I found the experience super easy and even fun to choose different images and drag and drop different elements.

You get a 3rd party affiliate management system to log into at affiliate.leadpages.net which enables you to track the number of clicks you send along with the all important conversion rate which tends to be around 1% which is great:

bOnline is able to help businesses quickly get a website and also get found ion the Internet thanks to their automated process that takes advantage of local SEO. Choosing a template is easy (they all look great and professional) and the builder uses a drag and drop interface. True to their name, bOnline helps business grow their brand online efficiently.

I came across this page looking for FREE website building sites, as I dare say most, if not all others did that landed here. If I’d have wanted professionally built site and had the budget to go with it, I would have searched for ‘Website building company’ Your comments are a futile attempt to make professional website builders seen value for money, but they are not FREE are they?? thanks admin

Jill, fab blog! Smart methodology too here. Asking for feedback is the easiest way to create something that folks want. I use email and also probe with twitter, and through blog comments, to let the truth serum flow freely 😉

I’ve found Wix to be quite clear with their pricings (I always opt for the annual renewal to get a discount and also not to worry about it for the next 12 months!). You find the information in our article about Wix pricing of interest too.

Thankfully, Weebly has all the basic SEO settings setup for you – right on par with other drag & drop website builders including the ability to customize the URL webpage addresses for any one of your webpages.

As a trusted partner to small and mid-sized business across the US, Hibu has built over 500,000 websites within the last 10 years. They have a team of in-house professionals who do it all for you, but with any input and direction you provide. Also, have comfort in knowing Hibu offers 24/7 support, 1-1 service and expert guidance.

Although a workable solution is for you to sell a service up front (using a basic product page setup), collect payment and you can ask your customers to email you to “redeem” the payment they’ve made for services in return.

Every year, thousands of the world’s smartest marketers descend on San Diego, California to learn what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s actually working RIGHT NOW in digital marketing. Here’s what you can expect to learn at this year’s Traffic & Conversion Summit…

Another thing to note is that Clickfunnels even does billing right inside the system. You can in a few minutes link a Stripe account with your Clickfunnels account and bingo! You can now make sales directly from inside your sales pages in Clickfunnels.

What’s cool is that each of your leads is given an Action Score, which is based on recency, frequency, monetary value and social scores. It basically gives you an idea of which leads are more likely to buy from you.

In addition to that, the reason why I’m suggesting Weebly (given you’re short of time) is that they give you access to edit the HTML / CSS codes so you can make custom tweaks to the design if you want to. It sounds like this is something you can take advantage of given you know how to work with codes and that your customer wants a customized design. The other website makers don’t give you as much access (or no access at all) to the codes of the website.

I am wondering if i bought a domain name from WIX and built a website using them, If i wanted to change the website building company later in the future, can i still use the domain name provided by WIX with GODADDY for example ?

Just one clarification – you mention in your wix vs squarespace comparison that wix allows placement of any media anywhere. How does it do that if you have to select a template? How does it differ from squarespace in this?

Hi, How can I be sure that all of the above are legitimate services? I am not trustworthy, and internet companies taking my credit card or payment details sound a bit risky. Are they listed with any accredited directories or somehow regulated? Thank you for your list and blog.

On the other hand, Wix offers you more versatility on the editing and site building front than Squarespace. Something to consider with Wix is the upcoming launch of Wix Code, which will help you to create large, engaging websites quickly and easily that otherwise would’ve required you to hire a professional developer. I mention this as you said your company is an international one, so it may need a larger site to host more content. Wix Code will also help you to create more custom forms and interaction to help you collect more information from users and partners too.

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 So If you asked me what I feel is the best funnel builder I would recommend using Click Funnels by Russell Brunson.  This program will make it so easy to build funnels,  that not only will it pay for itself but this investment will help you make a lot more in the long run than the monthly cost.

You can have Go Daddy forward pretty much any email address with a domain name you purchase there to another email address. That way you don’t have to actually purchase the email addresses until you’re ready. Worked really well for us. We have three email addresses for one domain name that are forwarded to a Go Daddy email address at an entirely different domain we own. Hope that helps.

Wix features a highly functional WYSIWYG editor that lets you drag and drop your website elements anywhere you want and without limitations. Don’t let the amount of features scare you away, Wix has one of the best all-around editors of any website builder today.

Migration is always a tricky task, especially if you have good search rankings to start out with. There are different known and unknown reasons why a search engine (such as Google) will change your ranking after a site migration. Keeping the URL structure the same for each page or doing 301 re-directs for those that changed is only one part of it. There are a lot of resources / discussions that cover this online, so a Google search will lead you to some of them!

We have 22 types of sales funnels that you can use to grow your company!  But don’t worry, if you’re not sure which one you should use, it’s ok.  We’ll also give you a FREE copy of our “Funnel Cookbook” that will show you what type of funnel you should use for your specific business!

Both platforms also have quite a number of experts who can also help you customize your store. It might be worth while to seek our some of them to customize your store for you. We discussed briefly about Shopify’s experts here.

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