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Great info on your site. I think you should also include GoDaddy’s Website Builder. It’s drag and drop. Lots of customizable templates, robust, and very easy to edit. The only negative is that the slideshow does not have a stop/pause button, and captions on the slideshow and image gallery are inside the image, and the images for the gallery have a white border. Hopefully, they will address these issues soon. I just experimented with most of the sites you reviewed, and realized that the GoDaddy Website Builder is on par with and in most instances better than most of them.

You don’t have to be good at writing because you can always hire a writer to write content for your websites. Choose a good writer. If you have useful content on your website, people will trust you. They will buy your products or the products you recommend when set up properly with a clickfunnels marketing funnel.

SiteRubix is especially useful for beginners as you are taken through the process of setting up your website in easy lessons. It’s possible to have the framework of your site online in just a few seconds.

We are starting a small tour company and need to have the ability to have a calendar for scheduling/reservations, the capability of processing credit cards for reservations made through the site (maximum 6 tour choices), as well as an easy-to-use blog and all of these available through mobile. I really like Squarespace designs and their automatic conversion to mobile display.

There will be payment transaction fees. For instance, when you go shopping at a local store and you use your credit card, the merchant that sold you the product will have to pay Visa / Mastercard / Amex etc fees, which is a couple of percent of the total value of the transaction.

A deputy with the Angelina County Sheriff’s Office arrested three people on a variety of felony and misdemeanor drug charges and seized meth and marijuana late Friday night after a traffic stop on Falcon Avenue. 

Weebly. Weebly has been around for a long time, and they actually encourage you to reach out and let them know what industry you are working in so they can guide you toward building a site for your business that can grow with you to meet your immediate and long-term business goals. Free sign-up!

Jeremy, I really appreciated your article. i am not tech savvy and want to develop a website for my part time private psychology practice. Based on my needs, I’d pick SquareSpace, partly because their website is intuitive, clean, easy to navigate. One other web builder I’ve considered is Strikingly. How do you feel about Strikingly?

Ideally, your sales funnel will convert a visitor into a customer, if they follow each step of the funnel. In this simplified example, a visitor will grab your freebie and through time become a regular client. Not only is this type of marketing ethical, it’s also simple and fairly easy to set up.

I am trying to choose a website builder platform to build a simple “angel investment sharing and discussion” website to mainly adn easily share with others many (more than 50) porfolio companies. Which ones of these 15 would anyone recommend?

How is 7.5 okay? I think that it’s a great score, especially when you take into consideration that it’s an averaged score of several hundred people’s opinion… Shopify and BigCommerce (I don’t agree that they should have the same score) are very good builders. Yes, they are only for stores, and there are different free website creators that might take their place due to them being free, but they do their job very well. It’s better to be a master at a trade, unlike the other builders – jack of all trades, master of none.

ClickFunnels makes the process of choosing your funnel much easier, just in case you are not sure about what the funnels do. There is a video embedded which explains the different funnels and how they work. If not sure, just watch the video first then proceed to selecting the right funnel. Once you’ve selected the funnel, click on the Create Funnel button. You will then be prompted to enter the name of your Funnel.

Instead of investing your own time and money on creating and testing Facebook ads, use what’s already working and proven. In this system, you’ll have access to my top converting Facebook Ads and the right to use them wherever you want.

Hi! I’ve been reading articles/charts on your website for almost 3 hrs now so I wanted to thank you for all the information you have made available for beginners like me! I had only heard about squarespace and wordpress so I’m now exploring this third option called Wix. I need help figuring out what platform to use for a community website where people interact, rank and review things (image content), leave comments and create their own accounts and Something like worldcosplay dot net . Any ideas?

Ultimately, marketing funnels and sales pipelines are the most important asset that any business can develop. For my businesses, I build all marketing and sales funnels with Clickfunnels because it allows me to deploy quickly.

That’s definitely the right approach. It’s the same idea as purchasing a car (but at a MUCH smaller scale!), it’s always wise to test drive a few options before finalizing your decision. Thanks for sharing.

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