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Thanks for your insights on Brendon’s seminar. Just a sidenote… would you please run a spellcheck or have someone proof read your articles before posting, I almost didn’t read the whole thing as a result of the number of spelling errors. It would be a shame to have people not read your content because of that, which could be easily rectified. Thank you and all the best!

Learn How to Build and Sell Funnels Yourself…No more are the days of wordpress, optimized press, lead pages or even infusionsoft… heck you can even drop your aweber autoresponder – powered by Clickfunnels

An example would be using the brand’s reputation for music and media to explain that they have a new media service, such as Apple TV. Apple is a brand name is so well known that they can start talking about their innovations and exploring Apple TV without having to explain who Apple is or what TV is.

Wonder which option is best if I currently have only one product selling on Amazon (only, no e-comm on my own site)? I can see how Clickfunnels may be superior for up-selling, and “subscription” type sales, but if my product is one that perhaps my customer would by a few of for their own use and/or gifts, it strikes me that many of the advanced functions of Clickfunnels would be “wasted” on my current model. Appreciate any feedback on this.

Peaceful Media is a Portland, OR-based digital marketing agency dedicated to helping thought leaders, authors, speakers, coaches, and difference makers create stunning brands and prosperous online marketing platforms. Love More. Play More. Do More Good.

There are plenty of screenshots on their site so people know what the service looks like when used.. In a way, these are social proof because they show you how other people have used MailChimp’s service. You can imagine how you’d use it in the future. There are also plenty of logos, adding more to social proof.

99 Designs is a marketplace with thousands of highly skilled freelance graphic designers. When you submit a design task, dozens of designers compete for your business by submitting their work to you. You only pay for the one you like the best.

Be wary of the “hi and bye” customers: “you get clients who are eager to work and suddenly disappear that too after gathering all the information from you and leave without paying”. So qualification of clients is paramount, and also giving out way more information than necessary. Marketing yourself is more important than necessarily providing the solution on the first call.

Now if you don’t have your own information product, then NETWORK MARKETING works on the same principle! You sponsor people into your business and then those people who you sponsored they become affiliates and they start selling and sponsoring people and YOU get a % of their sales! 

There “live chat” is basically a contact form that looks like a chat box and it takes them anywhere between 30minutes and 12 hours to reply. Then if they reply to you and you have a followup question it takes another 30minutes to 12 hours to get an answer. Its unpredictable when they will be busy and when they wont.

This opt-in creates a curious situation: only the people already familiar with “Fuck Up Nights” will be interested in this book. There’s nothing here for people who are new to the site. Incidentally, this is the exact opposite of what an opt-in offer is supposed to do.

So, I wouldn’t personally worry too much about the url of the order forms or the carts, either for user friendliness, or for SEO purposes. You wouldn’t benefit much from trying to optimize your cart and order form pages, because those pages on their own won’t convert many people into paying customers…that’s what sales pages or launch funnels are for 🙂

2. Being able to move (or float) the menus of elements when working on that element would be GREAT! Sometimes the menu of choices gets in the way of the content I am trying to edit. (Quick, but inefficient hack for anyone who is having the same problem – Zoom in or out of your browser to be able to edit content that the menu is blocking – this is my solution until they give us floating menus.

A few months back I joined an online education platform to start learning everything you need to know, to adapt and adjust to having an online business. Exciting stuff! Also a little terrifying. Whilst I have a solid understanding and some background in marketing, the digital area is not something I had considered.

A good call-to-action button tells people what to do and why, clearly and quickly. Try “Download Now,” “Claim My Spot,” or “Yes, I Want the Free Report,” all of which indicate both an action and the end result of that action (implicitly or explicitly). Buttons that do both these things are typically more effective than ones that focus on just one, such as “Click Here” or “Free Report.”

“If you can’t be the cheapest in your market, be the most expensive.” – Unknown Instead of losing sleep over the thought of being undercut by one of your competitors… How would you like to learn how to sell your product for 999.66% more than your competitors? By the way, 999.66% is not some random made up number. It’s actually…

The solution is simple: build a landing page that clearly and specifically fulfills the promise you made in your online ad. Because it’s not part of your core website, you don’t have to worry about distracting visitors with elements like a navigation menu or information about totally separate offers.

Demonstrate your expertise and authority, show people how to do something AND MOST IMPORTANTLY be helpful. And at the end, if someone wants to get to their final destination faster, they need to buy your product.

It is truly a pleasure to work with Cornelia, the Funnel Gal. She is an amazing talent and truly authentic in her approach to sales funnel building and client appreciation. Cornelia is a copywriting n…inja who has mastered the psychology of relationship building for online marketing. If you’re on the fence about hiring a funnel expert, well look no further than Cornelia Pauline. She truly has the magic touch in helping you attract your ideal clients in any niche. Connect with Cornelia today if you seek high-quality sales funnels that clients and customers trust in. There’s no funny business with this funnel gal ;-). See More

You’ve heard your visitors ask questions, so you know what they want. All you have to do now is build authority by providing useful answers and solutions. I would recommend looking up guides on building products. Shane’s “The System” on imimpact.com is a great starting point.

Avoid the temptation to try and sell your product or service over the phone. Your objective for every phone call is to create interest, gather information and make an appointment. If your prospect asks you a question, get in the habit of going for an appointment rather than giving a quick response.

Currently, you have two choices when selecting page builder software: tools that cost one time and tools that cost monthly. I personally prefer one time software since there is no limit on the number of visitors to my landing page (which is a ridiculous restriction of many monthly service). In addition, features such as tracking can be added easily with Google Analytics.

Essential Note: Test setting just functions when utilizing Stripe repayment combination. If making use of an additional settlement combination, you will have to set it up with your selected settlement processor.

When considering a sales funnel approach to selling high ticket professional services, there are several considerations above and beyond the typical requirements for a sales funnel for a low ticket product or service.

http://www.thesaleswhisperer.com/blog/topic/podcast http://MakeEverySale.com Hated his job out of college Discovered affiliate marketing Struggled for a couple of years Was getting two unique visitors per week Found Overture, Bing, etc and started getting traffic Quit his job in 9 months His profits went to $0 within one week of submitting his ……

Once your landing page is up, the Pagewiz system allows you to monitor real-time statistics from site visitors and manage multiple email recipients to keep them engaged. Pagewiz landing pages employ unique widgets that enrich the user experience – thus increasing the odds of conversion.

Firstly, let’s set the marketing automation workflow to automatically deliver both an internal email to either ourselves or the agent associated with the property, as well as an external email which would contain more information on the property and prompt them to get in touch for a viewing.

If you don’t automate your messaging and sequencing, what you have are one-off promotions. Over time, you’ll forget to do them or you’ll get tired of them, or you’ll be on vacation and you won’t be making any money. If you have one-off promotions, you will go broke at some point — because you have nothing to build on.

It’s an amazing tool if you’re trying to start an online business or a solopreneur. It allows you to save time and not worry about technical stuff like domain, html, css and all the other technical nonsense that brings you ZERO revenue.

Jonathan Stark, a successful tech author and creator of Jonathan’s Card, once told me about the time he hired a now-huge business coach to help him grow his business. On their first call, the coach asked, “What do you do?”

Normally, creating a pre-checkout upsell would be a serious pain… but the full functionality to create these revenue boosters is built right in to the Funnel Buildr 2.0 app. It takes just a few minutes to create a pre-checkout upsell offer that can boost your earnings by 25-75%!

If you’re using a WordPress website then using Thrive Themes is a great option. Thrive Themes are conversion focused WordPress themes and plugins to make your entire website convert more of your visitors into subscribers and customers.

[00:03:37] Stephen – So right now, I am using my website and I also have a health website that’s my focus right now. So, what we do is we’re building an authoritative website at the moment. People in the health industry, so that they can check about fitness and all this thing and then what we do is we’re building this community with sales at the back-end of it. So, it’s kind of like a digital web company when someone comes to you, they contact you and you sell them goods and services. That’s where my focus is on those 2 websites.

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  1. In short, inbound is all about enticing the right buyers and/or sellers through sharing materials and resources that make them want to engage with you, rather than figuratively shoving your self-promotional messaging down their throats with over-the-top, aggressive, and — most importantly — wasteful marketing schemes.
    There are a number of different tools on the market today to help you track these and other metrics, though for most businesses Google Analytics represents the most comprehensive, easy-to-implement solution. Since it’s free, use the service’s funnel tracking tools until you determine that you need something more advanced and then move on to another sales analytics program or a complete marketing automation program.
    Instantly boost your authority by offering an explanation video  about an specific problem your prospects are facing. This fully customizable funnel will help you express your style of marketing as you can visualize your prospects needs by providing the right links and the right connections inside your funnel
    What services are you looking for? (check all that apply) SEO Social Media Web Design SEO and Content Marketing Paid Advertising (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Video Production Marketing Funnels Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer Outsourced Chief Technology Officer Other

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