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Clay would argue the opposite, that having just one system, which has to do everything and which you are solely dependent on for your online business, is not just a frustrating mess but a dangerous position to be in.

My earlier complaints still stand. Grasshopper could still appeal to its audience better. I still think it should pose a question like How many customers are you missing out on because you don’t have a professional phone number and phone system connected to your business?

Launching a new sales funnel is a simple process that only involves a few clicks. ClickFunnels includes pre-made sales funnels for most common marketing goals. Select the objective of your sales funnel and ClickFunnels will automatically build the required pages and emails.

No one wants to jump through a lot of hoops to sign up for your list. Make it easy on them. Leadpages gives you the option to offer SMS sign up. Send a text to their phone, they respond with an email address. That’s it. They’re signed up. Yay. It’s called LeadDigits and it’s a pretty killer little add-on if you’re a podcaster or speak from stage… Simply tell them to text you to get them on your list.

You will get access to Six Months ClickFunnels Enterprise Account (Value worth $1782 = $297 * 6 months) includes The Entire Etison Suite, ClickFunnels, Actionetics, Backpack. It means under this offer you get access to Enterprise Account for just $166 instead of $297. That’s exactly 56% Discount from the original price of clickfunnels enterprise account.

I’m now on a platform where I can continue to add functionality. That’s really important to me. I highly recommend creating an option that is not based on click funnels. They let me down and it has cost me thousands of dollars and months of my time.

If you don’t mind the $300 price tag, you’d be able to deploy sales funnels in a few minutes, launch an affiliate program for your business, and even have marketing automation kicking off after your leads start coming through.

We even host it all for you 100% free of charge.   Our hosting infrastructure is very secure and scalable so your websites are blazing fast (good for SEO) and extremely reliable (site stays up no matter what).  

In short, 10+ years in marketing, site development and more recently that has morphed into funnels (of course). Using OP2 + AC, was nearly going to go with CF and have been sitting on the fence and, your vid here helped me focus back onto MY business, My ship! (good fro you to make that move!!)

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The templates are fresh and diverse, but you can work with them further in the editor. All sections of the page are customizable. You can move or remove taglines, videos, footer and testimonials sections.

Every company wants to solve problems for their customers. Basecamp takes it above and beyond. They give it the same significance as their customers. That speaks to customers on a very natural, real, level.

ClickFunnels and Leadpages are both great tools for creating landing pages and sales funnels, but they’re not the only applications on the market. What’s your favorite landing page tool? Is it one of the applications we reviewed above, or something else from a different developer?

There are many advantages we can highlight about Clickfunnels. It is a very easy to use piece of software that can create complete funnel systems within a short time. Other systems typically offer one or two funnels with not much diversity between them like Clickfunnels.

Online Sales Pro — The least expensive ($37 + all features) with a shallow learning curve. Ideal for less-technical users who want to put their landing pages together quickly and with minimal fuss. The mobile sales app (mobile CRM) really sets OSP apart, as this app helps you close sales from your mobile device. OSP also includes fantastic customer support. 

Distribute Traffic. In this stage of the A/B testing process, you can choose the percentage of traffic you’d like each landing page variation to receive. You can set it manually using the slider or hit the Distribute Evenly button to make sure each page receives an equal amount of traffic.

The ability to take an entire funnel that you already created and share it with anyone else who has Clickfunnels is insanely powerful. You can create funnels and then sell access to them or use them as bonuses for buying a product from you. You can also clone the funnel for yourself with a couple clicks, allowing you to duplicate your biggest winners across all of your products. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Thank you this was so helpful! I am still trying to figure out how to create an upsell with your landing pages. My main concern is putting another CTA on the thank-you page. Basically, the subscriber hit the button to download the freebie. But I also want to say “hey sign-up for a free consultation.” Is there a video showing this? Is it possible?

Any time you land on a checkout page and see a “checkbox” you can click to add something additional to your order…that’s a checkout bump!  It’s one of the easiest ways to increase overall order value and profitability.

Thrive Themes offers a pretty handy feature called Signup Segue. It’s a link that sends users to a different URL based on time and date parameters you set in advance. This means if they click on the link before the webinar is due to begin you can send them to a ‘the webinar hasn’t started yet’ page. If they click on the link after the webinar is finished you can send them to a replay page.

As with Leadpages, one can safely say it does its landing page job superbly well, we can’t take that away from it. But while its strong point is on building landing pages, ClickFunnels does more. The comparison between the two tools shows that ClickFunnels can do what Leadpages can do and even go far ahead to provide more values to its user.

If I was going to pick a company I would problem go with Lead Pages because they have investors and I feel a little more safe over there with them. Clickfunnels is 100% built on Russell so if anything happen to him (which we hope it want) where does that leave Clickfunnels?

Until recently I’d never heard of this platform although it’s been around for a few years already. I saw a review bashing Clickfunnels and recommending this company instead. The price is very similar, a free 14 day trial with a price tag of $97 a month for the service. The platform looks very similar to Clickfunnels.

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That’s an interesting idea about global colors. We do have something like that planned. However, for color changes between different elements: do you have an idea of how you’d want to decide which colors are updated and which aren’t?

Now Unbounce isn’t a sales funnel building tool entirely. It’s a landing page builder that is very focused on helping you achieve high conversion rates. When you tie the pages together through links it becomes a sales funnel tool. But don’t get my wrong, it can get confusing to build a sales funnel with a landing page building tool. You have to make sure each page has the right links out to the next page and if you ever change around links you have to stay on top of that.

Here’s what happens when you sign-up under me. I give you bonuses. I give you 23 pre-built sales funnels that you can import directly into your Click Funnels account. One of the greatest features of Click Funnels is the share funnel, which is a link, you click on it, boom. It just auto-magically brings an entire sales funnel from anyone else’s account that shares with you into your account pre-built, ready to rock. You get to edit it but you’ve cut down tons of time. You get access. I’ll give you access to a 100 day social media bootcamp for affiliate marketing. I’ll give you access to unlimited email support from me. You just, anytime you have a question about your sales funnel or you Click Funnels account … I’m not going to be your tech support because Click Funnels has a full support team, but if you ever have a question or anything about your marketing funnel, unlimited email support, just email me.

Optimizepress is sometimes refered to as Optimizemember which is the membership content locking side of WordPress. You can restrict access to pages based on membership levels. To join a membership level visitors must subscribe to a plan, payments are made through Paypal or Stripe (if you want 1 click upsells). You can also integrate with Clickbank, JVZoo and Authorize.net.

The ClickFunnels landing page builder is easy to use and designed for simplicity above power, with a drag-and-drop interface that makes adding components like headings, text copy, images and more to your landing page a quick and straightforward process.

Absolutely!  When creating your funnel, just add additional pages at any stage of your funnel (for example, two landing pages) and then adjust the percentage of traffic you’d like each to receive.  The default is an even percentage.

Both products have amazing dashboards, but ClickFunnels is more robust. The icons, editor, and robust statistical data give ClickFunnels the edge. ClickFunnels packed lots of options because it is more versatile and also has more features that will use the extra functions it has.

Most of the time, a good sales page will comprise of a headline, accompanied by relevant videos or images, as well as bullet points that provide a quick yet informative reference on how the purchase would benefit one’s life. All of these will work in tandem to keep your visitor excited, and hopefully, make a purchase.

If you have been working extremely tough doing house conferences, handing out leaflets at the local grocery store and organising lunch conferences, you have most likely lost a lot of your time I’m scared to say.

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