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The main difference is that Thrive Landing Pages works in WordPress only.  You also need to have your own website to run the program. Unlike in ClickFunnels, you don’t need to have your own website to run the program.  It is entirely independent of your website although, you can also incorporate it in your site, if you have any.

SEO-conscious users will be pleased to know that Weebly places a high priority on making sure your website ranks well with the search engines. The Advanced Setting tab allows users to define standard settings Page Title and Description as well as the ability to add Alt Text to your images.

I have yet to see a drag & drop (code free) website builder have the ability for you to create databases, and create forums from scratch. However, platforms such as Wix or Weebly offer you apps where you can “bolt on” a forum to your website.

At the end of the day, Weebly is easier to use than Wix, but we think that Wix offers a lot more updated and advanced features, which are also pretty easy to use. Weebly is a solid website builder for sure, but Wix is much more innovative. Have a look at the introduction section of our Wix review here for more details about what we think about Wix.

If you’re a solo marketer with a focus on funnel creation, you’ll enjoy the ease of use offered in ClickFunnels. However, if you’re part of a small or mid-sized business with a marketing team, you’ll find a lot more value in Infusionsoft.

The goal here is to make some extra money, and with ClickFunnels, you can grab a link to the funnel you just made and share it. When someone visits this URL, they can add this funnel directly to their account if they are already a member of the platform.

5) I don’t believe that ClickFunnels actually host the video, so this is probably not possible in ClickFunnels. The easiest solution for this (and I’ve been through several solutions, some of them very tech’y) is definitely paying for a Vimeo.com subscription. You can upload videos and control what domains each video should be allowed to stream on. The videos cannot be downloaded or streamed on any other domain. Yes it’s possible to do with other solutions as well, however I haven’t found any that was as easy or cheap to do it with. For all new training videos (that are paid at least) I use Vimeo now.

If you are very price sensitive, I’d suggest Weebly then as their lowest plan is $4 per month and if you purchase their annual plan, you get a discount which lowers your investment per month even lower. With their Starter Plan ($4/month), you can connect your own domain name to the Weebly site, and also have their advertisement removed so your site is only branded with your own content.

So it sounds like both website builders will be able to cater to your needs. So I’d suggest you sign up for free accounts with them and actually test out which builder you prefer to work with. That’s the only way you can be sure!

Infusionsoft features a very powerful marketing automation platform. Campaigns are created on a blank canvas, onto which you can add automation rules that dictate when, how and to whom the software should send marketing content.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Click Funnels and will get paid a commission if you choose to start an account by using one of my links in this post…at no additional cost to you. Plus, if you do use my links I will provide you with bonus materials …AND I will share with you my highest converting funnels directly from my account. Sound crazy? Try me.  Check out the below section that covers the bonuses I include.

To explain, we sell products at our retail (brick and mortar) store, from our mobile (traveling) store as well we want a website that people can see our products and their pricing and even maybe add to the cart… but here is what we do/don’t like about finishing the transaction online…….

He also pointed out that you want to be sure you’re appealing to an urgent problem, because the more urgent the problem, the more likely you’ll secure the reader’s attention. I agree – if you have an urgent problem, you’re likely to see higher conversion rates.

You can have Go Daddy forward pretty much any email address with a domain name you purchase there to another email address. That way you don’t have to actually purchase the email addresses until you’re ready. Worked really well for us. We have three email addresses for one domain name that are forwarded to a Go Daddy email address at an entirely different domain we own. Hope that helps.

I am painfully aware that Tites, Meta tags, Back Links etc. etc are crucial so can you tell me which of your featured DIY web builders offers the best and most clear mechanics for the ‘background’ stuff? Many thanks

Which is strange because if they help you too much you’ll probably end up going to find your own suppliers and negotiating a better deal which means better profit margins. So they’ll actually train you to not need them in the long term. But in the short term. It makes them the best directory for beginners.

Of course, if you want to go all out for sales, you’ll want to move up to a dedicated web shopping cart service like Shopify, but that’s a step you might not be ready to take. All of the services here offer some ability to sell items from your site, if only in the form of a PayPal button, but some don’t offer even that in free accounts.

HubSpot recently launched a CRM system that is fully integrated with their marketing automation system and will be available in 2015.  The price is right too…free!  As a HubSpot Partner, we’ve been able to move over to this system ourselves along with bringing a couple clients over.  So far, so good.  It has many of the features you’d expect a CRM to have including reminders, notes section, the ability to create deals and segment lists.

Straight away, I don’t think you will be able to achieve EXACTLY what you want to on Squarespace – but there are a few workarounds you could try (if you don’t mind fiddling with on page code and 3rd party plugins).

This amazing funnel builder software by Russell Brunson is in my opinion the best sale funnel builder for the price. It is also ran by legitimate marketers that have put out solid programs and been in the game for a while. Also they come running on click funnels hosts so no more uploading and dealing with problems with hosting. Big name companies use very similar hosting to power their sites to run fast.

Clickfunnels provides a variety of tools, proven products and promotional content that you will have the chance to leverage on. These resources are the results of thousands of dollars worth of testing.

We are old school, not very tech savvy and need advise. We need easy. please give us a recommendation of whom might be best fit. Do any of the companies you compare really have phone numbers that can be used for support?

Generally, to create a website, you need a domain name, web hosting, and knowledge of web development languages like HTML, along with knowledge of styling using Cascading Style Sheets. You need web development and design knowledge, along with software to code and compile HTML and CSS, and create a website. The website creation process, using a website builder, is much simpler than that.

E-commerce physical products: Free-plus-shipping offers are huge. Whether you sell a free book or a simple product that will help to get consumers into your fold, it’s easy to sell e-com products through ClickFunnels. There are people making millions of dollars per month doing simple, low-competition, high-demand products through sales funnels like this. Of course, this includes having up-sells and other offers to increase your average cart value. But it’s an easy way to make money with ClickFunnels.

I need to build a website/blog. I have been posting a daily post/blog/devotional on FB and texting. Well, its grown to hundreds and just too much for these platforms, so I need a website so the people can “find me” rather than or in addition me reaching out to them. Just a place where I can post, then people can comment, like, share, etc… Each post (in text) has a corresponding picture/graphic. Thats the main part, the daily messages. Then I need a section for videos to be posted/shared/watched. The ability for people to join as members. And of course, to make donations if they choose to. Another section for our once-a-week “special interest” post. So basically, there are five topics and the one special interest post each week. I was looking for the greatest flexibility to add/expand the site later. I didn’t want to build a whole site, then have to start over from scratch. I had found a wordpress template that I liked. From what I”ve been reading here, squarespace or weebly seems best. Open to your expert suggestions. thanks

Try Lead pages or Click funnels but remember they will cost you monthly having that it is well worth it Plus if you are a person who continously build pages these tools will take your efforts to the whole new level

You can use the platform for free, but like the drag & drop website makers discussed here, you will have to upgrade in order to get access to more features, such as the ability to use your own domain name (instead of example.wordpress.com), remove WordPress advertisements, get direct support, and numerous other tools. I think they start at $99 per year, and the top plan is $299 per year.

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