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Now we will want to grab your digital asset’s URL. This URL will take the user to the file where they can download it to their device or view it online (with the exception of .zip files which cannot be previewed). 

I have a 90 training program for an extreme sport that I want to market. I hired someone to build the website from fiverr.com. Make a long story short she suggested I make the landing page in WordPress and the rest of the site in PHP so the videos couldnt be downloaded. What a F*** story. The flow of the site is garbage, to get something changed takes forever because the PHP apparently takes forever to change. One nightmare after another. I wont bore you with the details but this isnt even scratching the surface. I then contacted a web designer and he asked for 6,000 Euros.

The flexibility of adding your own website template to the website builder and building a highly customized website is amazing to have. Weebly lets you add your own templates, and you can get several Weebly compatible templates from online web template marketplaces. WordPress is another great option for those who need the utmost flexibility in terms of being able to upload a web template from other sources.

Although ClickFunnels gives a great starting point with the templates, their editor is where you really make each page your own. The pages are laid out using sections that can have a number of rows and columns and you use your mouse to drag elements around and place them in the desired location.

The offers depend on their choices. Your funnel has different offers for those who are looking for an upsell and those that are looking for downsell.  You can even ask for a different email for a different product or service that they are looking.

First, within the Settings tab of any of my funnels, I can easily select the Share Funnel URL. This means each time a visitor arrives at that particular URL, they will be able to include this particular funnel straight into their respective account, only if they happen to be a current member of ClickFunnels.

This will help you understand your subscribers on a much deeper level, ultimately giving you the information you need to create wildly successful sales funnels around their core needs, fears and desires.

For Wix, they just released a newsletter feature called Shoutout which allows you to send out newsletter using their internal system so you don’t have to get any external services to supplement this. But the same as Squarespace, you do have to get your own email service.

Clickfunnels also uses sticky cookies – this technology helps you stick with your visitors across a variety of devices and platforms – so if person registers for a webinar with your link from their phone, but then decides to buy a different product from a facebook ad, then you will still get that commission. sticky cookies will make sure you still get paid.

I have yet to see a drag & drop (code free) website builder have the ability for you to create databases, and create forums from scratch. However, platforms such as Wix or Weebly offer you apps where you can “bolt on” a forum to your website.

bOnline is able to help businesses quickly get a website and also get found ion the Internet thanks to their automated process that takes advantage of local SEO. Choosing a template is easy (they all look great and professional) and the builder uses a drag and drop interface. True to their name, bOnline helps business grow their brand online efficiently.

Harvard, Stanford, MIT, all the top universities are uploading some of their amazing courses online for free. Some of them will even issue you a certification online for a small fee after taking an online test.

I disagree Squarespace being the first one. I honestly do know that builder, but I’m still an avid fan of Weebly(just saying!). Their various templates and easy tools had been a major outpour for those who wants to build their own site.

That depends? I’m not entirely sure how to answer your question without any more context. If you hire a firm to build a website for you, then it’s really up to the contractual agreement between you and the firm. But logically you would want to make sure that you have final ownership of the website!

I don’t think the website builders listed above has a lightbox function for videos. But an option is to consider browsing MOJO Marketplace for a Video Lightbox widget, which would allow you to insert your own custom thumbnail image for a YouTube or Vimeo video inside a Weebly website.

For example, clicking a text box gives you the option to use bullet-point lists, insert tables or videos, or even edit the HTML source to customize effects. Voog also lets multiple users easily collaborate on a site project, and if you’re after nifty, unusual features like these, you won’t see them elsewhere.

For other readers who are not familiar with white labeling, basically it is a service that allows designers to use the website building platform (such as Weebly or IM Creator) to serve the designers’ customers. The designer can insert his/her own company logo into the drag and drop builder and brand it as his/her own. So the end customers will receive “full” service while the designer will get to build a brand around his/her services.

Sounds like it’s a fairly straight-forward selling process, so I think the likes of Squarespace or Weebly will get the job done fairly well. Have a look at our ecommerce online store comparison chart which will highlight some of the key features for them. Hope this is helpful!

You do not necessarily need your own domain name to launch a funnel, although I would recommend it. If you don’t have one then your funnel url will look something like http://username.clickfunnels.com.

I’m looking to create a blog website and provide both free and subscription content. I was thinking about going with Wix, but recently was caught by ClickFunnels. It seems to me that the ClickFunnels might be the right option for me, but I also feel that they do too much of aggressive marketing.

I’m not telling you that your first funnel will be a smashing success, because it probably won’t be. Like anything in life, you need to practice and develop your skill. Work is involved. Some people work for months or even years before they get the success they deserve. However, it’s well worth the effort.

Uptime refers to the percentage of time for which your website actually is available online. Most website builders offer 99.99% uptime, and that’s pretty standard, even for free websites. The little problem comes with load times – the time taken by the website to load. Your website will load much faster if you use one of the premium subscription packages offered by the website builders (even if it’s the most basic premium package). For starters, you don’t get all the bandwidth and storage space you need, which impacts your page loading speeds. Then, it’s believed that slow page loading speeds often motivate users to upgrade their subscription packages.

There’s no free plan (or indeed trial – although there is a 30-day money-back guarantee), and the most basic plan is priced at £2.99 ($3.75) a month for the first year, rising to £6.99 ($8.75) afterwards. That gives you unlimited pages and web space, a simple integrated blog, limited SEO settings, plus website backup and restore, so it’s a touch pricey for what you get.

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