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Leadboxes are list-building forms that you can add to blog posts or sidebar widgets where once clicked generates a popup to claim a lead magnet offering. This is an example of a leadbox. They can also be added as an exit popup and it has a simple to use wordpress plugin.

I love the indepth tutorials, but can you please break them up into shorter and more targeted videos. Perhaps a series. I dont always have an hour or two to watch videos at one time. I would love for the videos to be labeled with exactly whats in them.

For people that want to make money selling content online, Kajabi is a good option for quickly getting content up and beginning to market and sell it.  Kajabi was designed more for individual pieces of content than structured courses, and focuses on providing a broad set of marketing tools for sales success.

Regardless pushing on they offer templates for all the usual pages including landing, sales, webinar, thankyou and checkout pages. They also offer 1 click upsells and integrate with Paypal and Stripe as well as 10 additional payment methods including Clickbank, JVZoo, Authorize.net, Amazon and Infusionsoft.

The first page is the contact profiles page where you’ll be able to see everyone who’s opted into your lists across ClickFunnels. This is where we’ll be able to see how many people join/unsubscribe to your lists and where we’ll also be able to see information about your contacts.

There are couples of integrations by Leadpages to simplify your job.  Whatever integration work you need do, whether it’s CRM, analytics, or social media or email list building, Leadpages gives you the resources to integrate them into your business. Essentially, Leadpages integrations are divided thus:

ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft may appear to be comparable, but each platform offers significant differences that serve a specific type of users. ClickFunnels is designed for marketers and small companies who need their landing pages and other marketing tools are integrated so that their sales funnels operate seamlessly. Using this platform, marketers can create their landing pages, manage sales transactions, conduct split-tests and even executes email campaigns. The platform offers a fully functioning shopping cart along with checkout tools that will allow you to create coupon codes and offer discounts in order to improve conversions. And even more, the interface allows for all of these tasks – and more – to be done from one page which means you do not have to switch taps to complete multiple tasks.

Unlike ClickFunnels, LeadPages is not intended to build an entire sales funnel. Although they do offer an integrated billing feature through Stripe, any pages you setup through LeadPages are hosted on a subdomain. So, you couldn’t actually use it to build an entire sales funnel on a custom domain.

I’m not familiar with Market Hero. I would NEVER recommend using a plugin that would send email off of your hosted wordpress site server. That is a recipe for getting kicked off of your hosting account, and damaging your reputation.

Here’s the thing: by having your digital products live in the same ecosystem as your website, you make it that much easier to turn your visitor into a customer; you remove that extra layer of friction to convert when your visitors don’t have to bounce around different systems.

The offers depend on their choices. Your funnel has different offers for those who are looking for an upsell and those that are looking for downsell.  You can even ask for a different email for a different product or service that they are looking.

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