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After you have actually chosen your {templates, open each web page in the editor to transform the material to fit your message and also sales process. Certain pages, like the Order Form and Order Confirmation pages, are design templates that dynamically include web content for specific locations based on the product(s) you include in the following action.

I have been using OptimizePress for years now and to be honest it push me to Clickfunnels because sometime you want speed, but having your business in the hands of another business is to risky for me.

As of this writing, ClickFunnels offers two plans – the basic account and the enterprise account, also known as the Etison Suite. The basic account is $97 per month and the enterprise account is $297 per month. If you’re just an individual who is looking to create a few funnels (up to 20) then the basic plan is right for you. Unless you’re a big company, chances are you won’t need the enterprise plan. Anyway, I’ve uploaded a chart comparing the different plans below…

All of that aside, some parts of ClickFunnels are pretty easy to get a hang of. The core features of ClickFunnels—the actual funnels—are fairly easy to manage. A cohesive menu makes it easy to navigate to all parts of your funnel managing process, from choosing templates to the drag and drop editor. Some settings regarding email integrations or payment processors will require a bit of understanding, but it’s nowhere near the amount of knowledge you would need to actually code the funnels—it’s stuff you can figure out by Googling around or visiting the docs center.

We haven’t tested that before as we never used any 3rd party traffic analytics. The majority of people will just use Google Analytics so these website builders do cater to Google. I think you might have to ask them directly to see what you have in will work! Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

Would you please include Tilda in this comparison? I’ve heard of it from a friend and I’m be very curious about it (considering the criteria you used for the others). Or at least say a few words about Tilda in a comment. It would be very very helpful!

Additional Costs $19.95/year to renew custom domain name and approx. $4/mo for email $19.95/year to renew custom domain name and approx. $4/mo for email $2.95/month or less for Bluehost includes hosting, domain and email

If you pick any of the top 4 rated website builders you should be pretty happy with what you can put together. I would personally recommend that you stay away from anything outside of the top 4 since there are better options.

This is particularly helpful if you want to leverage on AI to do all the initial heavy lifting of website building for you, if you’re not sure how best to design your webpage layouts, or if you just want Wix to quickly build a website for you (and still have it look good).  Think of this program as a “Done-For-You” service.

– Choose Your Theme Set! – You Have 5 Sets to Choose From. With EverFunnels you’re going to have 5 fully custom designed theme sets that you can deploy in your online business right away. Keep in mind, that each one of these theme sets has an endless combination as far as the look and feel you’re going to have with your new page funnels.

SaleHoo has been in operation for over 17 years. An overview of reviews from the Better Business Bureau revealed that SaleHoo received an A+ accreditation from 47 customers and clients alike. Therefore SaleHoo is a legitimate business solution that assists online retailers with locating reliable companies to structure beneficial relationship with.

Where else in the world are you able to get access to the founders of a company directly without even being a paying customer. I haven’t heard of another company doing this other than Wealthy Affiliate. That shows how much they value the idea of HELPING and SUPPORTING people throughout the process of building successful business online.

After that you can customize those designs with a drag and drop customizer. You can point and click on any item in the preview section to edit its properties. You can change colors, fonts, layouts, navigation menus, and widgets with ease.

– Member registration Pages – As soon as your course is created your Member Registration pages are also created. You can use our page builder to customize these pages to your liking. We have an official “Back-Door” registration page too!

Lets say your company is seeing a conversion rate of 10% for each person that visits your sales funnel. Now lets say that item is worth $10 a pop, netting you a net profit of $5. So for each 100 visitors, you will average 10 sales,  and get $50 profit.

Thank you page is essential because it is the next page that would appear after they use the opt-in page.  It will connect your client to the auto responder list if they choose to have a regular report deliver to their email.

All three builders have free options for you to test out. But if mobile responsive design is an important option for you, Weebly also has some new themes that are responsive. Weebly also allows you to export your website, but they are exported in raw HTML / CSS format so you can’t quite import it into another website builder platform (such as WordPress).

There’s a few. Worldwide Brands is probably the biggest competitor and the most well known. It’s a bigger directory but it’s geared to power drop shippers who have done it a while, rather than beginners. They have over 16 million products to search through.  It’s also a touch more expensive setting out, there’s a one time fee that’s more than 3 times more than what Salehoo ask for their directory and support services.

Offline builders are downloadable tools offered under different licenses, and require a basic knowledge of both HTML and CSS, for users to create functional web pages. Almost all the offline website builders are more expensive compared to their online counterparts, for a comparable set of features. Hence offline website builders are more suited for professionals who are ready to involve graphics designers and web developers for sophisticated website development, in return of more sophisticated and functionally comprehensive websites.

When it comes to deciding on the best buy option, you should evaluate your current business needs and choose accordingly. Both paid plans can be purchased and cancelled on a monthly basis, so you can give them a test drive before committing. If you’re unfamiliar with sales funnels and how they work, we strongly suggest going for the free trial to give it a spin and see how they work for you. The basic plan is good for smaller businesses but if you want to use the full potential of ClickFunnels, the Etison Suite is worth the price. Actionetics and Backpack are two excellent tools which will prove as worthwhile investments if used in the right way.

By creating a website, you are creating an online presence. This allows you to connect with people that you might not otherwise be able to reach. Whether you’re making a basic website with contact information for your medical practice, creating a landing page for your freelance work, a multi-page experience for your wedding photography business or you just want a place to blog about your thoughts on food – having a website will give you a dynamic advantage.

I know of a few other products like The New Kajabi and SamCart for instance. Kajabi is overpriced for what it does. SamCart is alright but I don’t see how creating a few checkout pages makes it any special.

If you have ANY questions about Wealthy Affiliate or what is included within their platform, please drop your questions below and I will be happy to help you out. If you are a current or former member and would like to leave your own review feedback below, I would be delighted to hear it.

In short: ClickFunnels is a click – based software, that you can use to easily create series of webpages that people have to navigate through in order to purchase a product, or join an email list, or a webinar, and you don’t need to know a single line of code.

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