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No yet but this is atop our new feature development list.  We are currently working on integrating with several third-party apps to add more functionality to your pages and funnels, including apps such as “Recharge” that allow you to offer subscription products.

**Note:  LeadPages announced on April 19, 2016 that it now has support for domain mapping.  That’s great news!  But it doesn’t matter for all of their customers who shared their LeadPages on social media using the [name].leadpages.co or one of their other domains.  And they themselves are acknowledging the benefits of using your OWN domain… but you have to go through their steps to implement…. another tech headache!

If you start an order, exit the site, and return to the homepage, you can click a button to finish your order. That’s a nice personalized touch. You can also contact them by phone. Not a lot of web-based companies share their phone number. This just builds trust even further.

When it comes to simple funnels Thrive Themes also holds its ground. If you’re looking for a cost effective solution you can achieve a lot of the same things with a mixture of the the Thrive Themes Suite, third party integrations and external services.

As for making money with your funnel, it really depends on how you design it, the type of products you’re promoting, and also the methods you’re using to advertise it. But if you take consistent action by building multiple funnels and split testing them, I say you could turn a profit before your 14-day free trial comes to an end.

ClickFunnels allows you to create both sales funnels and landing pages, and that’s just the start. You can also run an email marketing service, track and manage affiliates, and even operate a membership site with ClickFunnels.

I like FunnelKIT because is easy to use. You find everything at right place. It’s a great investiment for sure! There are a lot of products out there but FunnelKIT is really easy and affordable to use.

I’ve made sure this plugin is lightning fast. I’ve “trimmed all the fat” so to speak and made this software so streamlined you won’t believe how quickly and easily you can create your pages now. You’ll have a captivating webinar sign-up, a spellbinding sales page, a lead-generating squeeze page, all in literally 5 minutes or even less.

When someone visits this URL, they will be able to add this funnel directly into their account if they are an existing ClickFunnels member. If they aren’t a member yet, they can sign up for the ClickFunnels 14-day free trial and then get your funnel added to their account.

ClickFunnels – i use this one myself. Marketing Funnels and Landing Pages that Convert – check out this link to see what the heck it is and what it’s about. It is in my experience the quickest, fastest, most comprehensive, all-in-one funnel builder available at the moment, perfect for beginners as it takes the focus from building funnels to actually learning affiliate marketing while the building of funnels becomes super simple.

There are additional steps/actions that can be taken in between each of these steps, but they do not matter in the purchase funnel. For example, a visitor may view Amazon’s About page, Contact page, and Careers page, but we don’t need to count these in the funnel because they aren’t necessary steps.

ClickFunnels allows you to build a lead generation funnel on their platform, and offers the possibility to A/B test the landing pages. Thrive Themes has a wide variety lead generation templates and offers A/B testing of specific elements within the landing pages.

Hey y’all! I have been getting an insane-in-the-membrane amount of questions about LeadPages recently, most of which have led me to believe that a lot of bloggers and business owners have no idea what it is or how to use it. It’s all good, yo. I was the exact same way when I first started using it. Think of this post as your official initiation into understanding LeadPages. You’ll walk away with lots of ideas about what you can do with this kick-butt software, as well as a variety of ways that you can use it to grow your blog or online business. You ready to rock?

So within Backpack which is our affiliate management platform, there’s A TON of cool features. But what we’ll cover in this post is some of the key features of Backpack and how you can take advantage of them (the rest you’ll be able to go into your account and play with…trust me it’s really addictive).

#1 – an AUTORESPONDER – which is the way you will store your email contacts and communicate to them. For this I recommend GetResponse. Why? Because it’s affordable, easy to use, and integrates with pretty much all internet marketing tools and plugins.

I’m a strategist, consultant, and dedicated doer of things. I’m here so you can earn back weeks of your time not scouring YouTube for the best tutorials or trying to figure out what tools to use, but instead, spend all that energy creating a business you love.

I’ve left Unbounce until last as it’s technically not a funnel builder and only a landing page creator however with some work and technical know how you can definitely turn their pages into successful funnels.

LeadPages is an online tool that you can use to collect email subscribers. That is the main function of LeadPages, and they provide tons of purdy templates that you can use for lead magnets, webinars, and landing pages in order to grow your email list. LeadPages also has templates for things like sales pages — it’s a very robust tool! I literally use it everyday.

Leadpages is more than just a landing page solution. With Leadpages’ Leadboxes, you can create pop-up opt-in forms that can be placed on any page of your website. You can also win leads via email with Leadlinks. Finally, LeadDigits allows you to get subscribers/ contacts via text message. Sounds weird, huh? Let’s discuss how it all works, starting with the basics.

MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Segment, ConvertKit, Zapier, Google Analytics, LeadDyno, WordPress, PayPal, Stripe, Segment.io, SumoMe, ConstantContact, AWeber, Typeform, Mixpanel, LinkedIn, Stunning, Accredible, Disqus, Facebook, and more.

#3 – TRAFFIC – no business survives without customers and your online business or email list is no different. You need customers or subscribers and the fastest way to get them is to buy your traffic. There are several different paid traffic solutions, but the easiest way for beginner marketers is to purchase solo ads. Here are a few quality solo ad recommendations.

Hi Shane – I may have missed something blindingly obvious…in Aweber when you create the custom list settings for the free download (adding your own subject line and message) how do you make sure only this email goes to the people who have requested the download, not others who have signed up another way. Can you create multiple email responses all feeding into the same list? Please help!

A webinar registration page that offers a free report on sign up to increase conversions. Once the live webinar has passed, any visitors who missed the webinar are directed to a third page, which is the replay page. Both the live webinar and the replay page lead to to a sales page (connecting to an offer made in the webinar presentation).

My recommendation would be to just use Simplero for all the course delivery. I’m using WLM because I used it before getting on Simplero, and like that I have a little more design freedom. But when that is said, there is a lot more extra work by having my content in a WP site using WLM.

Unlike its counterpart, ClickFunnels is the only tool that provides you with all the resources to market, sell and deliver your products online. You don’t have to have a degree in IT or be this amazing website designer. All you need is a vision and this amazing tool.

1) Remove the advertising — it’s distracting to visitors, risks taking them off of your website and out of your sales funnel, and it hurts credibility (i.e. most of the big name ecommerce website don’t have 3rd party ads because the product is the “ad”)

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