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On the Thank-you page, your clients will be offered a product or a service to buy.  It could be a once in a lifetime offer or a limited offer good for only few hours. You could also offer them a low-cost deal, so you can determine who the real customer is and who is the one who are only there for the freebies.

There are couples of integrations by Leadpages to simplify your job.  Whatever integration work you need do, whether it’s CRM, analytics, or social media or email list building, Leadpages gives you the resources to integrate them into your business. Essentially, Leadpages integrations are divided thus:

Are you running an online retail store? Well, Leadpages has options to suit your needs as well. Integration with 1ShoppingCart and Interspire leverage your eCommerce capabilities. Leadpages is compatible with Shopify.

If you are searching for the best WordPress sales funnel and landing page builder, then this video will save you from all the headaches of researching and testing. This is part one of the OptimizePress vs Thrive themes review.

Thanks so much for your truth telling about CF. I nearly went that route. Instead me and my tech helpers have built my web page on WordPress with Divi and a whole load of plugins. The leadership Masterclass is written in Articulate Storyline (probably a mistake) so I have to use a plugin to get it to play in WordPress and I use Memberpress for the membership aspects. What is cumbersome and I wonder if you have any advice on this, is the use of Bookly for my bookings for coaching. How does Thrive handle calendar bookings? I also wonder about Kejabi vs Thrive. Any thoughts about that? Many thanks

This quick video review will focus on these two sales funnel software solutions plus a third completely free sales funnel software solution. We will review each sales funnel software by looking at the pros and cons of each as well as how much they cost.

Leadpages is a web application that focuses on helping its users build high-converting landing pages and lead generation forms. While ClickFunnels was an all-round marketing funnels tool, Leadpages focuses on landing pages only. The service integrates with various email service providers to capture leads and convert them into customers.

“Two years ago I thought I would like to open a handgun shop part-time and took your handgun course. I have to tell you it is even better than a classroom, as I have the videos to fall back on when needed. My shop is doing very well.”

Very informative post. Thank you! I have a couple questions regarding your setup. I’m considering getting the lifetime option of ThriveCart before it goes public. Do you still like it and think it’s worth the investment? Based on what you know, do you think they’ll be a strong competitor in the future with other similar shopping carts like SamCart, etc., and continue to update it and add new features to keep pace with the competition? My next question is about the user experience with your setup. When someone buys a product/course from you, when they login to your WordPress hosted membership area, what is their experience like? Do they have the ability to view their order history, change their password, update their billing and credit card information, and update their profile information, email address, etc.? What does the page look like that lists the courses that they have been purchased? I’ve looked for demonstrations of how ActiveMember360 looks from a customer point of view, and I haven’t been able to find anything. I’d love to know what the experience is like with your setup from a customer’s point of view. Thanks!

[…] Content Moves Your Prospects Through The Sales Funnel Do you know what your content marketing sales funnel looks like? Or what about your social selling funnel looks like? What about your social media […]

A landing page can be any page of your website that a new visitor lands on first. By definition, a landing page could be an email opt-in page, a sales page, your home page, a blog post, an “About Us” page, a product listing, or pretty much any other type of page you’d drive direct traffic to..

Before you can make an informed decision about your CRM system, it’s important to know what it actually is and what it should do for you.  A CRM is a customer relationship management system that organizes your contacts, including prospects, customers and other connections.  Within a CRM, you should be able to organize your contacts into different lists so that you can prioritize your leads and send messages to various segments of your database.  In addition, your CRM should track your sales pipeline so that you can see where different leads are in your sales funnel.  It should help you answer questions such as:

CF ManyChat Checkbox Submit – this is a killer new one that allows you to collect both an email optin and a FB Messenger optin at the same time using the new ManyChat Checkbox Growth If you want to see it in action, pick a paid plan down below to go to the order and Click to get a special Access Code.

It’s time to get your hands on the ONE app that makes funnel building drag-and-drop simple… and that gives you the power to quickly and easily create the conversion-boosting funnel elements you simply cannot get with Shopify or other store builder apps!

What does ClickFunnels do to help make this possible? Tons of things. In essence, it helps you to promote your brand and reach out to untapped customers. It is designed to set up for your company a full-fledged, highly-functioning, high-converting set of sales funnels/landing pages.

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