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That is very awkward for sure. I’m not sure why they should ask for your drivers license. All of the website makers that we’ve used before don’t ask for credit card information up front – only when you want to upgrade. I think nowadays, most services offer a free trial period first before asking for credit card information.

Note: Wix offers a design assistance service, called ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). It automatically creates the first draft of the website for you, and you can make tweaks to the layout, add your content, and finalize it. Wix ADI can extract info and data from your existing website or social media profile and create a befitting website.

Sign-up to ClickFunnels and start learning the ropes. Jump into their training and learn everything you can. Join their Facebook Group and look at what others are posting. All of this will inspire and motivate you to really understand how to leverage this powerful landing page software to not only promote as an affiliate, but ultimately to build your own funnels and skyrocket your conversions.

Fabulous. As a soul business proprietor you guys are just the best. Thank you for all your help and much appreciation. Your expert guidance and advice makes the process of setting up the website so much easier.

This dashboard features the latest designs and comes with advanced analytics. With its built in analytics, you can see the complete details of your courses and membership. So now, you’ll be able to tell where your members are around the world, the commments, testimonials, notifcations and statistics!

Bring in more customers with a business listing that appears prominently on Google Search and Maps. List your business name, website, photos, phone and location. Get your initial listing up in no time, then respond to customer reviews as needed.

If you’ve ever tried to setup a sales funnel or membership site using WordPress then you’ll know that anyone can use the search functionality in WordPress to expose all your additional pages, content and even unprotected membership content. There is however a few ways you can quickly remove the search feature from your WordPress blog. […]

second, we cannot add to an order if its strictly online driven (or upsell if you like that term), in other words there are products that go with the items (and yes I get the “other things that go with this” product view) but many customers don’t fully understand some of the properties and the products they need to go along with it or how to use it.

If you are just looking to insert images and videos into a website, then Weebly will definitely work well for you. Weebly is probably the easiest drag and drop website builder we’ve used, and we like it a lot!

This is one of the most informative and analytical articles I have encountered upon my research. I got an answer for what I was looking for. I’m taking your recommendation. Thank you! -from Kyoto Japan

I use Click Funnels and was wondering about using my own custom domain and after reading your article I think the answer is very clear – YES! I should use my own custom domain for all my pages I create in CF.

Site123 has stepped onto the scene and really made an impact straight off the mark. This nifty web builder is the perfect solution for private or business internet users, it’s vast array of simple tools spare the hassle of ever needing any web design or coding expertise.

Right below that, there’s a quick process to show you how you can create your own sales funnel simply in just MINUTES. In less than 10 minutes, it would take you hours with coding just to do the same exact thing.

A lot of people are tempted to pay designers / developers a lot of money before they even have a viable, cash flowing business yet – it’s a big mistake in my view (we wrote an article about that here). I guess it’s easier to throw money at a problem (them not knowing how to build / design a website), when in fact, there are a lot of solutions to help business owners (such as the website makers we outlined above).

We all know pricing changes, but it seems these two juggernauts have found enough data to tell them that they are in the right ballpark.  ClickFunnels has been so successful in their recent launch that they are receiving VC offers (to my knowledge they’ve rejected them to date).

Quick definition: a content upgrade is a call-to-action usually found at the bottom of a blog post, designed to direct readers to extra high-value content. It’s a great way to share more of your whip smart knowledge with your peeps, and build your email subscriber list at the same time.

LeadPages(visit website / read our review), while it’s easy to use and comes with a large selection of templates you can use, is more limited in scope than ClickFunnels. It is great for collecting leads.. and that’s about it. Not to say that LeadPages is a bad tool, but ClickFunnels is just geared to do more like making sales and emailing your leads. 

Once you’ve watched the introductory videos, you just follow the steps of the ClickFunnels training to create your first funnel. ClickFunnels allows you to build any type of funnel you can possibly imagine. It comes with a selection of ready made templates for each type of funnel, and you can also create your own from scratch. Here are different types of funnels you can create.

An exclusive Easy WebContent feature. Adding and updating images has never been easier. Go beyond just resize and rotating photos. Go further and use our photo filter series such as blur, drop shadows, color adjust, overlays and much more.

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