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First impressions count and 10minutefunnels was very unclear about what you actually get in terms of templates and features. The sales page is far too short for a service that charges such a high price tag.

A good tool that does the job but also one that hasn’t changed much in the past few years. It was head and shoulders above the competition when it launched but where is it now? I’m not so sure that it’s still as good as it was since the features and designs haven’t really changed at all. Let’s move onto ClickFunnels and see how that compares…

could you tell me if market hero is gonna harm my website or fb page advertising as I’ve just joined their training to email marketing for others via their plug in . I don’t want to put this on my customers sites for it to damage them later

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Etison Suite ($297 per month) – The Etison Suite version of ClickFunnels is powerful. In fact, it’s probably all that you would ever need to run your business in terms of building out your funnels and integrating a variety of services. Actionetics is a powerful suite of email automation tools. And Backpack will allow you to run these offers through affiliates. Plus, you can build a near-unlimited amount of funnels and have unlimited page views. That in itself is probably worth thousands of dollars.

I mentioned the color scheme last time and how it stood out to me. Although Perfect Audience has changed the look of its site since then, it still has that same color scheme. It’s simple, but the white, blue, and gray background is appealing.

I’m launching my fitness community membership site in 10 days. All the options I’ve got available are somewhat overwhelming. But I use ActiveCampaign, and I want to integrate as deeply with that as I can.

So when the guy on the page says click the button below and this will take care of your email marketing & come to find out – IT ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT!!! It’s just a hookup between TWO OTHER services… and you wanna charge an extra $100 per month on top of that other service charging $100 per month on top of the other service charging $100 per month… and it doesn’t take care of email… F!!! FALSE ADVERTISING!!! GEEZ… you’re in the hole!!!

One of the reasons I held back from ClickFunnels even though I’ve had an account for around a year was that certain features were a bit glitchy. Sometimes their tracking wouldn’t work properly for some reason however they were a very new tool a year back, now they’ve worked hard and got rid of all the little glitches and it runs super smooth. I can’t remember the last time I had any problems with it, and I’m logged in everyday editing funnels and creating new ones.

If you don’t receive any technical skills, don’t require paying a designer each time you need a page, but still want top converting landing and sales pages? Then Clickfunnels should be something you would want to check out.

4) You can send content upgrades automatically. All you need to do is create a LeadBox in Leadpages and upload your freebie. Emails will be automatically sent out to your new subscribers after they opt-in.

What does ClickFunnels do to help make this possible? Tons of things. In essence, it helps you to promote your brand and reach out to untapped customers. It is designed to set up for your company a full-fledged, highly-functioning, high-converting set of sales funnels/landing pages.

When it comes to websites, online marketing, lead generation and sales funnels the same is true. In my experience leading an INC. 5000 listed company, I noticed that whenever our subscription payments to different online accounts went up on our budget, our productivity weakened. 

You can also enjoy features that permit you to manage, recruit, and pay your affiliates. And, of course, you will have access to all the analytics and metrics necessary to review your funnel performance, campaigns, sales, and conversions, in addition to A/B testing results.

Landing pages will not only help to market your message to the right customers, but it makes the process easy. Once you have leads accumulated, ClickFunnels has tools that allow users to nurture each of the individual leads to that you can continuously feed additional informative messages in order to convert leads into engaging customers.

P.S.: If you’re still sending traffic to your low-converting Shopify product pages and checkout, then you’re missing out on TONS of sales. When you effortlessly add the 7 elements that Shopify and similar apps don’t offer, you can easily boost your sales by 25%, 50%, even 100% – with almost NO extra work! I’ll bet that just a 25% bump in sales for one month would more than cover your investment in this app – am I right? what are you waiting for? Click the button below and get your hands on Funnel Buildr 2.0 right away!

Now, whether you use ClickFunnels, LeadPages, InstaPage, Unbounce or another landing page builder, getting those conversions is going to be the key to success. To do that? Split-test the heck out of your landing pages, one-time offers, up-sells, down-sells, sales letters, images, VSLs, button colors, button text and so on and so forth. Get the drift? You have to be meticulous. But the best part is that once your funnel hits, it hits.

An affiliate program will help you grow your business exponentially faster than if you tried to do all the marketing yourself. It’s a lot easier to spread the message if you can activate others who love your product to do it with you.

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