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Forget multi-page checkouts, now you can completely control the checkout process to dramatically increase your conversions and decrease abandoned carts.  Want to add custom trust badges, test different button colors, add video, etc.?  Now you can!

It’s a powerful tool due to the level of granularity you can achieve with contact actions, as long as you keep it all within ClickFunnels. We use it for a lot of our personal funnels, but few client funnels. It’s a relatively new tool, but it’s getting better every week.

Hi Miles, thanks for the info. I was about to choose CF’s but am feeling disheartened with the negative reviews, such as this one. I have a couple of sales funnels mapped out Basic eg :Free lead generator >>Tripwire/thank you page.>>>nurture sequence/sales sequence>>>>28 day online program>>>>>Nurture/sales email sequence >>>>>12 month membership. From what I’ve read, Thrive themes is ideal if your planning on building a whole website with blog posts etc, where SEO is a consideration. Thing is, that’s not what we plan on doing, which is why we were considering CF’s. Should also mention we are hoping to put all the material for all our online products onto a website from the free optin, to the video series (which is the tripwire), to our online course, and off course the membership. Would you still suggested Thrive Themes in this instance?

But, I do think Leadpages is an awesome choice in some circumstances. If you want to crank out landing pages quickly, without much customization, LeadPages is great. This is originally what it was designed for… Simply pick a page that’s already been made for you, that’s proven to convert, plug your own text and images into it, and drive traffic. The beauty is in the simplicity and lack of options.

Yes. Whilst ClickFunnels is easy to use, sometimes is is just simply not the best use of your time, that’s where we come in. If you have an idea for a new project or would like some help on an existing one please get in touch. We also offer free funnels, help and support to anyone you signs up to ClickFunnels via a link on this page. Start Your FREE Trial.

You can segment your traffic to see your most valuable segments. This can come in especially useful if you’re tracking traffic or UTM segments. Tracking these can help you find highest converting sources. Once you know what they are, you can put more effort into getting more traffic from those sources. We covered this in this blog post on increasing conversions.

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This is where LeadPages really excels. They have a ton of pages that are pre-built and pre-designed that you can simply swap out some text and images and you are ready to go. LeadPages paved the way in this area.

One advantage that LeadPages has over Clickfunnels is the Marketplace, where you can buy high-converting templates, or upload and sell your own templates to hungry buyers. What a great way to earn extra income?

The service was developed back in 2012 by Russell Brunson and his team of developers. Since then, it has become one of the most popular names in the realm of landing page and sales funnel builders. Unlike similar landing page tools which allow you to create standalone landing pages for your products and services, ClickFunnels enables users to build entire sales funnels – a series of pages that prospects go through to reach a conversion goal.

Clickfunnels integrates with most major membership platforms including Optimizemembers, Wishlist, Member Mouse and DAP. They also integrate with most of the major email marketing tools such as Aweber, Getresponse and Mailchimp. You can also capture emails and leads directly into Clickfunnels if you don’t have an email followup sequence.

For entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, trainers, and companies that are serious about building a business around online courses, Thinkific makes it as easy as possible to be successful in creating, marketing, and selling online courses while maintaining your own brand and owning your customer base.  

So now they have sales funnel page builders that do all this for you and host them as well. If you’re running a blog or you have a mailing list a good funnel builder will take out all the guess-work and allow you to properly market to your subscribers or blog readers.

It comes loaded with templates of sales pages, landing page, squeeze pages and other marketing pages. You can choose a template, edit it with the help of element types and your new page is ready. You don’t have to hire professional designers. There is no need to code anything. Even if you have zero designing or programming skills, you can still create professionally looking sales pages with ClickFunnels in no time. All the templates are editable which means you have full control on everything ranging from background to font size to containers to fields and more.

Ibecame a Leadpages customer back in September 2013, just nine months after they launched, and a Clickfunnels customer back in August 2015, 11 months after they launched. This post offers a genuine Leadpages review vs Clickfunnels in terms of ability to create high converting landing pages and compares based on ease of use, features, integrations, support and price. It also looks at their different approaches of being an all in one package (click funnels) vs a best of breed approach (lead pages).

ClickFunnels has so much more to offer. This page is not enough to list all the other benefits that you can get from signing in.  If you want to give it a try, you can register on the free trial.  Fourteen days is a good enough period to know whether it could help you generate more sales or not. 

ClickFunnels are incredible tools used to simplify the process of creating enormous and continuous sales. Simply put, it involves a unique strategy to attract potential customers. It works based on the human psyche by studying how buyers react to sellers. The tool works on building stronger ties to potential customers that would later on be converted into long-term clients.  

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