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http://www.thesaleswhisperer.com/blog/topic/podcast http://MakeEverySale.com Has started 18 businesses Market, promote, amplify Used to sell polliwogs as a young girl Was teaching social media locally Applied it to her retail business Tried everything…including FourSquare and Animoto Her teenage twin daughters told her about Instagram (follow ……

If you’re not doing any marketing, or just getting started, it may take a few weeks, or even a few months. That’s why we offer the 1-year ROI guarantee. The fact is, 99% of our clients close more loans as a result of working with leadPops, and they usually start seeing results within the first 90 days.

With ClickFunnels, you can do a lot more with your landing page. Consider it a marketing page that allows you to have complete control over the desired outcome (i.e. boosting conversion or increasing sales).

Selling your course online is the foundation of any information-product business — and having a sophisticated and powerful content delivery platform is essential to growing your business in the short and long term. For downloadable products like eBooks, services like eJunkie or Gumroad are the easiest ways to distribute your content — but what about higher-value online courses?

Pricing: Annual vs Monthly Billing – The monthly subscription price for Standard and Professional plans are $37 and $79 respectively. The monthly option is not available for the advanced plan. You can save 39% with annual billing and the pricing changes to $25 (Standard), $48/mo (Professional), and $199/mo (Advanced). Leadpages provides a 14-day free trial and you can sign up for the same by clicking on the link below.

Time in stage – In an ideal world, your marketing content would be so compelling that people move from the top stage to the bottom in a single day. But since that’s rarely the case, it’s worthwhile to know if your prospects are getting hung up in one of your stages. If so, you’ll want to add more content to your site that answers the questions that are unique to this stage of the funnel.

Help Scout doesn’t ask about pricing. They just bring you right to the signup page. There are three pricing tiers: free (for a shared inbox), standard (with automation and reporting), and plus (with advanced reporting features).

Imagine if writing complex $25,000+ Marketing funnel project proposals, was as quick and easy as filling in a mad libs style “fill in the blank” template. Can you think how fast and easy that would be to send out your proposals? In this blog post, we’re going to explore and learn how to write a…

By Wes Schaeffer chats with Entrepreneurs Michael Hyatt, John Lee Dumas, & Pat Flynn with inspiration from Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, & Sandler Sales. If Dan Kennedy had a podcast, this would probably be it.. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers.

No! There are no monthly fees with iGloo. You buy the software package (you get unlimited HTML page export as well as the WordPress  plugin) and you can use these on as many sites as your chosen license package allows.

Have you ever understood something really really well, but struggled to explain why it’s so valuable or brilliant to somebody else? That’s typically because the complex part of your brain (your neocortex) is what has understood the thing and is trying to explain it to someone i.e.marketing funnels, software or engineering devices.

After you have picked your {templates, open each page in the editor to change the web content to fit your message and sales procedure. Certain pages, like the Order Form as well as Order Confirmation pages, are design templates that dynamically include web content for particular areas based on the product(s) you include in the following action.

[00:19:11] Stephen – I normally charge for the whole project, If am driving a sales funnel, then we decide on, this is what the results going to be and this is what you can expect in this project and this is how much going to be and it has to be 50% upfront and 50% when it is done. Otherwise usually what I will do is, I might give a discount if they pay in full as well. When you are going to qualify the people it’s generally not an issue the only time I had issue is when I didn’t qualify the prospect well enough.

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Think you’ve got a fresh perspective that will challenge our readers to become better We’re always looking for authors who can deliver quality articles and blog posts. Thousands of your peers will read your work, and you will level up in the process.

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If your business serves multiple types of buyers, you understand the importance of segmenting your audience. Sending the wrong message to potential customers translates into confused visitors and fewer conversions.

This certification program is not one where you get certified once and then you never hear from me again. Each month I will be doing continuing education for my members to keep them at the top of the game. Once a month I will share new training and you will be added to the Private Facebook Marketplace group and mix with like minded consultants.

This funnel leverages a free sample or free offer to get leads in. From there it offers them an immediate best offer to upgrade their order. It’s proven to work very well in the fitness market where you have free trial or sample offers that can be upsold to subscriptions.

This is where you will really want a sales funnel creator like 10 minute funnels that will allow you to build an unlimited amount of funnels and host them. This is especially useful if you plan to go after more than one niche or you constantly need to create new funnels for testing.

ClickFunnel is SaaS (Software As A Service) product that helps you to create landing pages, & funnels for small and big business. It’s a software that helps you build your customer base by provide physical or digital product services.

For example, if they searched for the phrase “sell my house today cash” and your landing page was on the first page of the search results, that page visit would be their first Introduction to your business.

Awesome tutorial and can’t wait to implement it for our landing pages. I would love to see some more content on Active Campaign integration too. Could you also let me know if you intend to have integrations in Active Campaign beyond lists? Thanks again

They make so much noise that John Homebuyer thinks Wells Fargo is THE place to go—meanwhile they’re getting socked for an extra $3,000 in fees, not to mention what that “rock bottom rate” is going to cost them over the life of their mortgage…

Matt Ackerson founded AutoGrow (Petovera Inc.) in 2010 as a conversion-focused web design agency. The company has since worked one-on-one with over 500 customers and clients to create their sales funnels. Matt is a graduate of Cornell University. He and AutoGrow have been featured in Techcrunch, Forbes, Inc, Venture Beat, Mashable, and Popular Science among others. He and the team write in-depth articles on digital marketing, sales funnel design, and also offer an advanced funnel training course here on AutoGrow.co

We all know what monolithic software platforms look like — can do everything under the sun, but do all of them in a mediocre fashion. It’s one of the reasons that Apple has become so successful — opinionated, single-purpose, software. Look at the software in the tech world that is making it big – LeadPages, Twilio, Stripe, Dropbox, Wistia, etc. They’re all companies that are focusing on their core competency, and doing that the best that they can — not spreading out their effort over multiple ideas and implementations.

“If you could deploy an automated lead producing sales funnel that would deliver hot buyer or seller leads to your inbox automagically 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for less than $5 per day then you could double your sales volume by focusing all of your attention on converting those hot leads into sales”.

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For one thing, people value what they pay for, so if you give everything away, the perceived value of your “stuff” will be low. Your audience will also be less committed, in the sense that they’ll be less likely to actually use—and benefit from—something free compared to something they paid for.

Free is the keyword with IncomePress. The barebones lead page generator will get your squeeze page set up in record time. The simple interface contains fields for images, video and a standard Aweber form for visitors to leave their email address.

Now that you know how people make decisions, you can use this knowledge of the buying process to make a marketing funnel by creating content that will appeal to people at every stage. Take a look at the following sales funnel template from TechValidate to see how this translates:

Michael Guta is a Staff Writer for Small Business Trends focusing on business systems, gadgets and other small business news. He has a background in information and communications technology coordination.

A marketing funnel is a way of breaking down the customer journey all the way from the “awareness” stage (when they first learn about your business) to the “purchase” stage (when they’re ready to buy your product or service).

For example, if we sold a $200 video course on implementing exponential technologies in your business and later on offered our list a $5,000 opportunity to buy into a coaching program where they would work in a team or one-on-one with a coach to develop and implement exponential technologies in their business… this would be a good sequence of products. A coaching program is much more hands on and would probably be more effective than someone following a video course on their own. Some people are willing to write a check to have their hand held or to have you do the work for them entirely. Are you following? Order is extremely important and you cannot just throw random products you have to sell into a campaign.

* These examples depicting income or earnings are NOT to be interpreted as common, typical, expected, or normal for an average student. Although we have numerous documented successful deals from our coaching students, we cannot track all of our students’ results, and therefore cannot provide a typical result. You should assume that the average person makes little to no money or could lose money as there is work and risk associated with investing in real estate. The students depicted have participated in advanced FortuneBuilders’ training and coaching. The participants shown are not paid for their stories; however, some of the students depicted may also be a FortuneBuilders’ coach, and our coaches are compensated for their services. We believe in full transparency, so please read our Earnings and Income Disclaimers and Terms of Use.

“I was so impressed by the work he’s done and liked him so much as a person that I had him come to my stage at Renew University and share his tactics and techniques and they LOVED HIM! And I’m so glad he came because it was a missing piece to helping people take their ideas, put them online, and make it a successful business. “

Leadpages is a popular landing page building software that offers powerful templates and tools to optimize leads and sales for your business. You get 160+ landing page templates that can be sorted based on conversion rates and filtered by industry (blog, ecommerce, fitness, etc). Leadpages’ easy interface and drag-and-drop builder helps you customize your landing pages without any tech skills.

The copy has small changes but the meaning is the same. They still offer the same 30-day money-back guarantee. Their services are explained in an inviting, 2-minute YouTube video and also clearly listed in bullet points.

Thanks Shane, Excellent tutorial! Just a couple of suggestions for Content Builder: It would be good to have a text shadow option for headlines created from the Paragraph / Text element box like you have done for content boxes as it would enable headlines to really stand out.

Yes!  This is a an all-new feature in Funnel Buildr 2.0.  When your customers reach your custom checkout page, once they enter their email in the email field, it is automatically captured and added to the email list you set in the page settings.  This way, even if your customer doesn’t complete their checkout, you can still send them follow up emails to recover lost sales!

Pages With 10 Minute Funnels are also mobile friendly and they come with an Adaptive Mobile Response framework that automatically makes any page you build inside of 10 minute funnels mobile responsive.

What is great about 10 minute funnels is you just draw a line from one item to another that you want and 10 minute funnels then builds it all in just seconds. This is going to allow you the comfort of not having to worry anymore about links, urls, connections or anything else like that when building a sales funnel online.

If you try to opt-in with the same information to get another video, they ask you to sign up again. I believe that is their process. Like I said, that creates some friction. Yes, you can enter a fake email, but, if you believe in the quality of the content (and it is really good content; Andrew is one of the best interviewers on the Internet), you won’t.

Thank you, Rasmus! I am totally new to his teachings. I actually first heard of him when he was interviewed by Tony Robbins. Not sure which academy he’s offering as part of the $997 deal. I just got an email today that you get a package plus tickets to the live event. I am trying to start a business but feel mentally paralyzed so I guess I should invest the $997. Thanks again! Where can I find your book and online courses?

I was tired of selling websites. I was bored of giving free support and advice to customers day in day out. I hated hosting and email services. I became a cheap concierge service for customers. Offering graphic design, SEO, social media…whatever I could get my hands on.

I am releasing my newest book and want to use the FREE book funnel with Clickfunnels (already a Clickfunnels member). … I am releasing my newest book and want to use the FREE book funnel with Clickfunnels (already a Clickfunnels member). I need someone to design the funnel, connect it to my Convertkit account, connect it to Stripe etc, build in the upsells, and have everything working and running smoothly on the front end and back end.

https://www.thesaleswhisperer.com/blog/topic/podcast http://MakeEverySale.com SalesDrive Finds the “hunters” The DriveTest®, three non-teachable attributes = Drive Need for achievement. “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.” – Napoleon Bonaparte Competitiveness Peers Win customers over to their point of view Optimism ……

With my point of view, Clickfunnels is a online software tool that helps you creating landing pages and webpages so that you can make your sales easy. Basically clickfunnels are for those peoples who are interested in digital marketing. Clickfunnels Review and Clickfunnels Bonus is an online channel for sales and marketing funnel builder that help business owners, businesses market, sell, and deliver their enterprise services and products online. This software tool makes easy the online marketing ways, selling, releasing and delivery of their products and services to users with standard funnel options that are initially created for a specific business, product, or service.

Well, I would suggest you to try site.pro. There are free, as well as paid templates, it is very easy and comfortable to use, especially if you do not require much 🙂 I really enjoy it, so I hope will you! 🙂 http://site.pro

“No matter how beautiful your site is, your website page speed is critical to success. Not only do faster load times help boost search engine rankings, but 40% of people will abandon a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load. To make matters worse, every extra second your site takes to load will cause a 7% decrease in your conversion rate.”

Hi Shane – I may have missed something blindingly obvious…in Aweber when you create the custom list settings for the free download (adding your own subject line and message) how do you make sure only this email goes to the people who have requested the download, not others who have signed up another way. Can you create multiple email responses all feeding into the same list? Please help!

The difference is usually night and day. Unlike most mortgage website and technology companies, we’ve spent the last 5+ years testing and refining everything from the questions and messaging, to the colors of the buttons, animations, and visual cues that keep borrowers moving forward through to completion of our Funnels.

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Longer answer: For a first-timer, it may be a bit overwhelming—and by first-timer, I mean new to the world of e-commerce and marketing—but the learning curve is far from impossible. For most people, I would say the learning curve would be just a couple hours max. If you’re really behind, pick up Russell Brunson’s books mentioned earlier in the review.

I recommend that you include detail instructions on your thank you page that will lead the new subscriber to actually use your lead magnet. That is part of the goal. We want our magnet to build our brand and keep us “top of mind” with our new followers.​

Add value? Sure. That’s what it takes. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But if you don’t have a list and you’re still looking to make some money off the bat with ClickFunnels, you can add value. You can add value in Facebook Groups by posting comments or on YouTube by posting explainer or tutorial videos, or on Instagram, SnapChat or anywhere else for that matter. There’s no right or wrong way to add value. As long as you do things with a desire to help others, you’ll eventually make money.

ClickFunnels.com comes with very simple and intuitive editor. Page elements can be edited inline, and modifying any element’s properties can be done through the fly-out sidebar and no coding is required!

With my point of view, Clickfunnels is a online software tool that helps you creating landing pages and webpages so that you can make your sales easy. Basically clickfunnels are for those peoples who are interested in digital marketing. Clickfunnels Review and Clickfunnels Bonus is an online channel for sales and marketing funnel builder that help business owners, businesses market, sell, and deliver their enterprise services and products online. This software tool makes easy the online marketing ways, selling, releasing and delivery of their products and services to users with standard funnel options that are initially created for a specific business, product, or service.

I don’t think there are any tools that will host the data for you. But what you can do is set up contact forms and you can create options for your visitors to select which options they want (such as interests), then submit the form to you. But you’d have to manually collect the data on a separate spreadsheet for tracking purposes.

My needs are simple really – possibly a slide show of my books, an area for each book, a shopping area to buy each book, a link to the Amazon, Kobo and Apple bookshops where readers can buy also, an ability to allow free downloads of chapters/books, a blogging area that keeps readers updated with what I’m doing and where I am, and last but not least an email capture device.

For those looking for the small and beautiful one page website that won’t force upon you a ton of features you’ll never use nor need, OnePager make it easy to get your website going within mere minutes. OnePager lets business owners get their website up without the hassle and complications of hiring an expensive web agency.

You are too impatient to succeed… so you’re in for quick results… I remember my first month I started doing marketing online… it was back in 1999… after spending 11 months reading all kinds of materials online, I’ve finally made my first affiliate sale. It was a measly $23, but in my heart I knew exactly that initial sale was all I needed to feel confident in the Internet for building a business. The rest is history.

In terms of SEO optimization tools, Wix is not much different from its competitors. You get tools that allow you to optimize your basic SEO functions such as keywords and descriptions. In addition, Wix provides useful tutorials and tools that help analyze SEO data.

Click here to see a detailed Pros and Cons discussion table on Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and Jimdo.  This pro and cons page outlines our thoughts on what each of these website builders is good at, and what they need to improve.  This will hopefully help you save time to figure out which ones you should test to see if they fit your overall needs.

And even if they’ve tested things and have optimized their process, it probably will convert better to be able to show relevant testimonials about your business, or any other trust building elements, which typically you can’t do on other platforms.

3) Correct. The main reason is that once your website exits Wix’s proprietary drag and drop platform, the other hosts won’t have the same infrastructure to help you manage your website the same way as how you would with Wix. Even with Weebly, it only export in codes so any modifications you’ll have to edit the codes directly. If this is important to you, check out Squarespace as they allow you to export most content into a WordPress friendly format.

To be honest it sounds like you’ll have to build a pretty custom website to power those functions. There might be some travel booking software that you can purchase or subscribe to use their services, but if you want to create an entire booking engine from scratch, it’s going to be a very expensive project and you’ll need to hire some very strong, capable developers to help you engineer that.

In addition to that, the reason why I’m suggesting Weebly (given you’re short of time) is that they give you access to edit the HTML / CSS codes so you can make custom tweaks to the design if you want to. It sounds like this is something you can take advantage of given you know how to work with codes and that your customer wants a customized design. The other website makers don’t give you as much access (or no access at all) to the codes of the website.

Yes, you are right. You will have to maintain your website and protect it. It is not as difficult as it sounds, many beginners successfully keep their websites secure and up to date. See our WordPress security guide for beginners for more information.

I am wondering if you could please advise me whether you think Wix would in fact be OK. And are there any basic tips for ensuring I get the out of Search Engine Optimisation? Or should I put a monthly budget aside for Google Adwords?

With enhancements in video ads, lead ads and segmented retargeting models, traffic channels such as Facebook and Google are making it easier and cheaper to connect with our audiences. On day 1, our VP of Marketing, Molly Pittman, will break down these traffic enhancements, and show you how you can leverage them to get more attention while simultaneously lowering acquisition costs.

I do hope you have found a solution up until now, yet, I would’ve gone with Woo-Commerce for WordPress, or like you mentioned, Shopify. Not quite sure about importing options, but give these guys a shout!

Originally I was intending to, as part of the site, link to portfolios which visitors would like to be featured. However another option, more complex undoubtly, is to give visitors some freedom in this. So my question:

The words “free and easy” seldom go hand-in-hand with “quality and value”. Yet, this is exactly what Weebly has been able to achieve with their fantastic website builder service. Weebly is proof that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg in order to get a quality website.

The bottom line here is that this is terrific software that is highly recommended. It is everything that you need to get into the direct selling business, extremely customizable and designed to make sales for you.

Many people with a need to create a website do not understand what’s the difference between website builders and CMS with open code (for example- WordPress), they don’t know what advantages will they have by using free website builders and how will change opportunities of their website in condition of buying premium packages. About all this and other things related to free website builders we will tell you below:

We have a small, home based wedding decor rental & consultation business. We currently have a website with Homestead, but we’re not getting many hits off it and are considering making a change. Our main objectives are #1, to have a home page that will make our potential clients want to browse the rest of our site, and #2, to make it user friendly so our clients can easily see what our services are and what our inventory is. We’d like to have drop down lists for the various categories of decor and services, and also a search function for clients looking for a specific item. Our current web builder has neither of these options.

Wix lets you add HTML code (though it’s very limited), but doesn’t allow CSS access, because the backend coding is very proprietary. Weebly is more flexible, offering full HTML and CSS code editing access. Similarly, Jimdo and IMCreator also allow expert users play around with CSS and HTML to customize website design.

But for those who doesn’t need maximum flexibility and just want to build a great looking website without climbing a steep learning curve (not technically oriented, or just don’t have time), and/or for those who may not have the financial resources to hire a developer, then these drag and drop website builders are really great options. You can definitely keep adding more content later, and grow your website with these website builders as well. But if you want to work with a database, then WordPress is the way to go.

Wix does not currently offer email accounts for your domain names. Although you are able to use 3rd party applications like Google Apps, those services still charge separate monthly fees which slightly bumps up the monthly charges for your Wix website.

Regarding selling courses, Wix and Weebly both offer membership protected functions (see footnote 18 above) so this gives you the infrastructure to share webpages with only your students (and not with the public). Squarespace doesn’t have this function (yet), but if you want to consider integrating an external membership feature, take a look at Sentry Login. I haven’t used Sentry Login before but I heard it works fine.

As for connecting a custom domain name (your own domain name) to a website, for most website creators (if not all), you will have to upgrade to a paid subscription plan. So for Weebly, you will have to subscribe to at least their Starter plan.

From a price perspective, Instapage is far more affordable than ClickFunnels. The most basic Instapage plan starts from $29 per month and offers an unlimited amount of landing pages, visitors and domains.

I’m actually following up on Frank’s question (March 1, 2015) regarding unique visitor overages. Have you since learned of the cost for overages? It’s easy to conceive that someone with multiple funnels will go over their allotted monthly cap. I have looked high and low for this information on Click Funnels’ site and elsewhere, but cannot find any mention. And I cannot find a contact email for customer service to ask this question. I’d like to use this company, but would like to know what to expect in additional fees. Thanks for the thorough write up!

But here’s the problem:  people are using a subdomain of LeadPages and ClickFunnels, rather than using their own (and OWNED) domain name.  For example: wpmktgengine.leadpages.co/landing-page-url (“leadpages.co” is NOT your domain, it belongs to LeadPages).

Chiropractors can use the email marketing tools to offer special promotions that may entice new customers, or even create referral programs that will encourage word-of-mouth marketing – which is highly effective for chiropractors to in cultivating brand awareness their local area.

ClickFunnels use a simple drag and drop editor allowing you to set up a landing page or sales page exactly as you want it. If you don’t want to use their templates, you can design a page entirely on your own.

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This is first time I’ve heard of these guys. I have LeadPages, and enjoy it too. Although at times, I wish I could tweak the design at bit. Does Clickfunnels offer any kind of visual overview (like a real funnel for your pages) similar to what InfusionSoft has? And would it replace Aweber?

If I have this correct, using my current circumstance I will essentially be setting this funnel and this ‘Lead Generation Landing Page’ as my websites static ‘Temporary Home Page’ until my website is complete? Is that correct?

ClickFunnels strength lies in its complete funnel view. You can monitor conversions from step to step, meaning you can easily see what percentage of people who arrived on your original landing page ended up on the next page down the funnel.

By reading this you clearly know and understand and be advised that income and results shown are extraordinary and are not intended to serve as guarantees. In fact, as stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. We don’t know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? We just want to help you by giving great content, training, direction and strategies that worked well for us and our students and that we believe can move you forward. We feel transparency and honesty is important and we hold ourselves (and you) to a high standard of integrity. We appreciate you. We hope this training and content brings you a lot of value to your life. Thanks for stopping by today. 

The Instapage landing page builder is easy to use and fully customizable. More than 5,000 fonts and 33 million stock photos are available for you to choose from. Adding video, CTA buttons and countdown timers to your page is a simple process using Instapage widgets.

You get unlimited pages, traffic and leadboxes (explained below) however to do A/B testing and additional features such as leadlinks (below) you will need the pro account (which is the one I have). There is now a FREE 14 day trial to leadpages.

Entrepreneurship 101 states your primary job is to create value for your customers.  But what’s really important and valuable to your students?  Ryerson University’s literature review found these to be the most important indicators of student satisfaction with an online course:

No, but we’re currently building our own coupon system which can be used on the checkouts you create in the app or our default checkout.  These coupons are perfect for one-time promos and email follow up sequences, particularly for abandoned carts.

I agree with Z… there is a bug in their software that has had me grounded for two weeks now. The only thing I ever hear is that there is a Developer, somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight, working on it. It’s been more than two weeks, and I never hear from them unless I go back and submit a ticket.

In essence, click funnels work because they usually offer a free service or product combined with a paid service or product. In addition, if the visitor does not want to pay for the extended product or service they are still getting something for free.

Great video, but how do you get them to the first opt-in page? I’m used to working with Hubspot (in the past), and you need a call-to-action on the front page or at the end of a blog post that sends readers to the opt-in page. This funnel doesn’t show that. Where does the opt-in page go so that people will see it?

So, what we found was that we were limited by our funnel path and we were leaving a ton of money on the table, so we decided to move everything for the 7 Figure Sales Training brand over to ClickFunnels, which you can see here:

So you need a quick and inexpensive tool to help you create compelling squeeze pages that will suck traffic into your funnel and give you the opt ins you need… Then you need spellbinding sales pages that convert your subscribers into customers…

When you clone a funnel you are essentially duplicating the page so that you do not have to build it from scratch all over again. This is very helpful for creating landing page templates when building multiple landing pages, as it allows you to complete a general layout with all the components and maintain consistency throughout your campaign- without spending days or weeks creating each page individually.

On the whole, the ClickFunnels landing page builder is a user-friendly tool that lets you create clean, simple landing pages very quickly. This is also its biggest weakness — since it’s built for simplicity instead of flexibility, the types of landing pages you can build are quite limited.

Because we’re setting up a funnel with a double (or confirmed) opt-in process, you’ll need to send new subscribers (right after they clicked the submit button on your opt-in form) to a page asking them to go to their inbox and confirm their subscription; a confirmation page.

With ClickFunnels you create a series of landing pages your visitors will go through to reach a certain goal. It usually consists of opt-in pages, an email autoresponder, sales pages, order forms, etc. Leadpages is a good solution for users who want to do far more than just create landing pages with their tool 

You can create various funnels, like one for webinar registration, one for Thank You page, and so on. The best part you ask? You can even have the billing part (if you need one) covered for you. Sales will be seamless with this tool.

ClickFunnels is a service that was developed over three years ago by Russel Brunson and the team he works with. It’s a tool designed to help online companies grow into the successful businesses that their owners always envisioned them as.

4) You can send content upgrades automatically. All you need to do is create a LeadBox in Leadpages and upload your freebie. Emails will be automatically sent out to your new subscribers after they opt-in.

So when the guy on the page says click the button below and this will take care of your email marketing & come to find out – IT ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT!!! It’s just a hookup between TWO OTHER services… and you wanna charge an extra $100 per month on top of that other service charging $100 per month on top of the other service charging $100 per month… and it doesn’t take care of email… F!!! FALSE ADVERTISING!!! GEEZ… you’re in the hole!!!

If your answer is “No” so now you can easily integrate “PlugTalent” marketing automation into your business for FREE which have same features like Hubspot, Marketo, Clickfuunels, Pardot etc. You can check more details here: Free Marketing Automation Software | Plugtalent.com

I’ve got a search function that will deploy people directly to the lessons that I want them to go to. Plus, I’m working on adding a forum and playing with the look in order to make it a great user experience.

The Etison Suite is revolutionary because the old way is you’ve got website hosting you’ve got to take care of. You’ve got landing page software. You’ve got email auto responder software. You’ve got split testing software. You’ve got affiliate tracking software. You’ve got programmers that you’ve got to tie all together. You’ve got designers that you’ve got to get to put all this nice stuff up and all this other stuff. Then you’ve got Click Funnels that basically says, “Hey, we’ll do the website hosting, we’ll do the landing page software and all the editing tools. We’ve got an email auto responder built in, we’ve got the split test software built in and all of these other features that you’ve been Swiss army knifing together over here.” They’ve consolidated it into one epic package.

The impact it will have to your bottom line is worth it. Sales Funnel builder software will save you so much time. Normally you would waste so much time building hosting and linking sales funnels. If you’re serious about marketing online this is an excellent addition to your arsenal. 

Best to use a service that can natively render your landing pages in WordPress – and use a vendor who can support your needs, and leave you with options, so you don’t learn those tough lessons. Luckily most people are moving OFF of Windows 7… I’d check your Google analytics and find out what percentage of traffic that is for your pages (i.e. coming in from Windows 7).

With Etison Elite, you can have unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, an unlimited numbers of unique visitors, and unlimited custom domains. You also have complete access to Actionetics and Backpack. Etison Elite is $297 per month. If your website has over 20,000+ views per month, or you’d like a one-in-all solution (with an email service provider and an affiliate system), Etison Elite is definitely worth it. Think of how much you’re paying for those solutions separately now.

A sales funnel is a marketing system. It’s the “ideal” process you intend your customers to experience as they go from Prospect to Lead to Customer to Repeat Buyer. Sales funnels have been around much longer than web marketing, but the online world is the best thing to ever happen to sales funnels because websites and email marketing make sales funnels to build.

Up until recently, Leadpages didn’t have a drag and drop editor for creating landing pages. However, things have changed now and the powerful landing page tool comes packed with an even more powerful drag and drop editor.

“does clickfunnels replace infusionsoft |clickfunnels training “

First off I like its focus on the entire funnel! More expensive CRM systems like InfusionSoft typically have a focus on the lead/customer and how their behaviors are, over time, and can also setup processes that people get through, however, they do not have a page designer that is as easy to use (with top converting templates), and also don’t have all the add-ons like and membership sites.

If you own a business, or are thinking about starting one, I would seriously have a look at Clickfunnels. This is literally an all in one product. Your sales funnels, auto responder, landing pages, website, hosting and more. Clickfunnels will work for you no matter your business, or niche. It works for MLM, small business, large corporations, Affiliate Marketing etc.

As far as CRM, for most small businesses, the CRM functionality within WPMktgEngine is more than sufficient, because everything is tracked for each lead within a single lead record. If you need the full boat of CRM functionality, you might want to look at Zoho or Sugar CRM. Both have gotten excellent reviews. We integrate to both (and many others) through Zapier. Hubspot is a ton of money, especially for a small business. They are doing a lot of advertising in the CRM space, but they are really a marketing automation platform that was created for big businesses. Our feature set is comparable (excluding the built-in CRM component), and we have much more integration capability built right into our product.

Hey Richard, thanks. Glad you like this post. I agree it would be great to cover Optimize and Thrive Architect. I would also like to cover Unbounce and Instapage and a wider comparison is on the list of things to do 🙂

Launching any new business or product is hard work.  Thinkific is committed to empowering the people behind these ventures to share their knowledge with the world in a way that drives value for their students and meets their entrepreneurial objectives.

Click Funnels, also known as sales funnels are website pages created for the purpose of landing leads, selling products, collecting email registrations or promoting services. These pages are called “lead generation pages” and more often than not use specific formulas to get visitors to complete an action.

 Well, in this post I’m going to share my experience with both platforms, because I pay for them both right now and use them for different purposes, which you’ll understand once you finish this short post.

– Affiliate System: If you are planning to have a big product launch, its very natural to work with several JV partners to reach their audience with your message. Every time their audience buys your program, they get a cut of that sale. Automating this process usually requires some sort of affiliate tracking system like – AffiliateWp, Omnistar, iDevAffiliate etc). But with Clickfunnels you get their affiliate system “Backpack” for free and its included in their higher tiered Enterprise plan. With Backpack you can manage all your affiliates, multiple affiliate tiers, commission plans etc.

This is something that I should call a real killer. You can integrate your billing details within your sales pages and that’s how you start billing customer’s right from inside the sales pages. This is something that will make your life easy. Buyers don’t have to leave your website instead all the billing and transactions will take place on your sales page.

Fourth, and most importantly, Actionetics. Actionetics is a cool feature for any business owners to understand their customers. It works as an autoresponder and captures the detailed data of anyone who subscribes to your email list. What’s more is that you do not need to pay an additional fee for Actionetics as it is complimentary to the Click Funnels membership.

No matter which platform you choose, you have to know that successful courses have been hosted on it. Watch this video of how Tim Cooper created his successful massage marketing mastery course on Clickfunnels.

“who owns clickfunnels -what is clickfunnels actionetics “

I’m a strategist, consultant, and dedicated doer of things. I’m here so you can earn back weeks of your time not scouring YouTube for the best tutorials or trying to figure out what tools to use, but instead, spend all that energy creating a business you love.

In terms of migrating to Shopify (one of the best ecommerce builders in our view), it’s definitely possible. You can just disconnect your domain names that are pointed to your Wix websites, and reconnect them to your new Shopify sites. Shopify’s support portal will you how to connect domain names to online stores built by their platform.

Thanks for your input. Weebly allows you to export a Weebly website to import it into another hosting service, but they don’t have a function for you to import it back into Weebly again. The same thing applies across other website makers discussed here as well.

Take a look at Squarespace as they have a built in calendar function and also allows for ecommerce. If you don’t mind using an “external” calendar widget that you can try to bolt on to a website, you can check out Wix and Weebly.

Great information for us beginners. I am currently doing research to get my website up and running. I have a photographer friend who likes Weebly quite a lot and recommended them but I am a writer and am planning one website with several areas to click on (i.e. cookbooks, health & wellness, favorites, etc.). I will be running a contest giveaway once in awhile too. With this little bit of information I’ve given you, do you think Weebly the best option – please keep in mind, I am a TOTAL novice at the website stuff.

Fortunately for you, at 1stWebDesigner we like making it difficult for our readers to say that they can’t get their online business venture started TODAY. This is why in this post we’ll be reviewing the top website builders currently in the market.

If you are the kind of a person who doesn’t like to touch code, doesn’t like to waste time building multiple pages, and want everything basic to happen from a single platform, Clickfunnels is awesome for that.

If design is important to you, Squarespace’s templates have an edge over Weebly’s templates, as they are more “designer oriented” which gives you richer visuals and presentation, plus they are responsive so they work well across all mobile devices. See our thoughts on their templates here.

uCoz has a user-friendly control panel instead of a drag and drop editor that you’d expect to see in any modern-day site builder. At first glance, the platform was seem a little daunting and overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it, we think you’ll be surprised by its clever design and flexibility.

Can you clarify what exactly you mean by the option to buy your site? Do you mean if you were to build a website with say Squarespace, that you have the option to have Squarespace purchasing your site after a certain period?

So what Google recommends is that you “301 redirect” your old webpage addresses to your new webpage addresses. If you do it correctly, Google will know that your pages from your existing / current website, are now part of the new website. So in theory, all your page rankings should be passed on to your new website. In theory, you wouldn’t lose any rankings in search engines.

That means at least creating a lead magnet or low-cost tripwire product to get customers into your funnel. And coming up with appropriate upsells, order bumps and other OTOs that complement or enhance your main product offering.

Thanks for the great review on ClickFunnels! I am new to online marketing and I’ve seen some impressive landing pages. It is very overwhelming at first and you explained how ClickFunnels can help you.

Thanks for this thorough investigation. We’ve added a link to this article on our writers’ resource site, WinningWriters.com, under Business & Technical Resources. One of our subscribers recommended the article to us.

I think for Squarespace you do have a bit more customization capability than other website builders that we’ve looked at. For instance, you can create Gallery Pages in Squarespace to display just images or videos (which you have), and you can choose which videos to display depending on how to tag or categorize your videos.

I build about 3 to 5 websites a week on various website building platforms and have thousands of hours of build time using them. With my website builder reviews listed in this article I share with you my experiences with each of them and tell you all the good and bad points of each.

All of the web services listed here have you start by choosing from a selection of templates for your site. The better ones, such as Duda, Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix, use templates that automatically reformat your site for viewing on mobile devices. They also offer specifically targeted templates based on your site’s purpose, such as for promoting a bakery’s sales, getting gigs for a musician, or keeping wedding guests informed.

IM Creator also allows you to back up your website. Squarespace only allows you to export to WordPress at the moment, whereas Weebly allows you to export all the codes so you can upload them into your own host if you wish. However, just note that not all Weebly functions will work outside of their own hosting platform.

Yola has been around a long time and hasn’t aged well at all.  There are a variety of template options, but they are all really old looking and not well-designed.  The only positive is that it is relatively cheap, and add-ons like email are pretty cheap too.  In my opinion you won’t be happy with how your site looks or functions though, and I think that paying a few extra bucks to get a high quality site from one of the other website builders is definitely worth it.

We glad to represent you one of the best free website builder that allows to build stunning website absolutely free! Perfect solution if you want to launch your professional looking website as soon as possible!

How dating expert John Alanis made me millions of dollars after just one short hour long conversation… (HINT: It has nothing to do with dating and everything to do with the most important aspect of your business – people.) – pg. 59

SEO is probably the most important area to focus on after the design of your website. Correctly executed SEO ensures that your website will rank highly for specific keywords on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. You want to ensure that your website builder allows you to optimize every piece of content on your website. Simbla is very good with this because their website templates are built with Bootstrap 3, a great framework that is very SEO friendly.

The entry-level Starter plan is priced at £5.30 ($7.40) per month (billed annually) and gives you 2GB storage, and all the core features you’ll need, including SSL security (although it’s limited to 30 pages). If you know what you’re doing in terms of website design, and want some true power and customization capabilities, there is a 30-day trial you can check out (no credit card details needed).

All of the website creators discussed above allows you to insert videos, slideshows, images. So you can definitely insert your own video, or multiple images to form a gallery to showcase your products.

Another super powerful strategy when you become a PRO Member. This module will do all of your emailing to your members for you. Not only that, it will build the trust and rapport with them and make you money in the process. A very simple, but POWERFUL module in the PRO option.

Having to upload your images and video files each time you want to use them in a different section of your website is tedious, annoying, and come on already, it’s 2016! Seriously. Yet, that’s what most run-of-the-mill website builders make their users do.

Their drag and drop feature is such a game changer. Not many website builders will allow their users that much flexibility. It was ONLY let down by the numerous annoying upsells. The template options and website builder is the best. I really like their comprehensive support center.

Setting up your blog may feel a little more tedious than on most other website builders. For example, you can write and manage new posts but to actually add them to your page you need add it via the Blog Display element. Thank you for the unnecessary extra step, Jimdo.

“does clickfunnels replace infusionsoft +clickfunnels promo code “

Carl Taylor is the Founder & CEO of Automation Agency. For the past 10 years Carl has been building businesses and marketing them online through the use of Sales Funnels, Email Marketing Automation, Landing Pages, and WordPress Websites. Carl is also a #1 author and highly sought after speaker and consultant whose work has impacted thousands of businesses across various industries worldwide.

In the past this would require you to have a website, hosting, an autoresponder service, landing page software, split-testing software, membership site software, and probably a host of designers and programmers to cobble the whole lot together.

I’m just looking for the easiest “all in one” system to create and deliver products and courses and track things (I may wanna build out a blog too w content and this may be a reason to go with Thrive?), but Kajabi seemed like it was the best/easiest option.

I’ve linked to the video here for your enjoyment. If you’re still worried about how much Clickfunnels costs, surely after watching this explainer video helps you see that the platform is trustworthy, legitimate and affective.

As I mentioned above, the goal of your funnel may not be purchasing a product. It may be subscribing to your mailing list or signing up for a free trial. Of course, the ultimate goal is to make a sale, but that doesn’t mean that every funnel has to lead to a hard sell.

– Email Marketing / List Management / Autoresponder / Automation / Broadcasts: So many of you probably already have some sort of Email Marketing System in place. If you have been doing email marketing for a while you may be paying hundreds of dollars for Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Active Campaign, Convertkit or maybe more simplistic solutions like Aweber, Mailchimp etc. Depending on your list size you may be paying anywhere from $30-$700/month for your email marketing. With the Enterprise Plan of Clickfunnels, you get Email Marketing absolutely free. And you can pretty much do everything you want your email marketing system to do with Clickfunnels’s own system – Actionetics. Only difference – You need to have your own SMTP server for email delivery which you can connect to Clickfunnels. I personally use Mailgun as my SMTP provider. But I have heard great thing about Sendgrid & Amazon SES too. If you send about 40-50 thousand emails a month, you will end up paying 10 bucks for your email delivery which is significantly less than what you normally pay for any Email marketing systems.

That means at least creating a lead magnet or low-cost tripwire product to get customers into your funnel. And coming up with appropriate upsells, order bumps and other OTOs that complement or enhance your main product offering.

If you opt for a pre-built funnel, you can go with one of the six funnels that come included in your free 14 day trial, or you can share a funnel created by another marketer within the ClickFunnels community.

These are not your run of the mill WordPress templates. are over 60 to choose from. One is considered the most advanced WordPress template you can buy right now. Why? Because it has a built in page builder that you normally have to buy an extra plugin for. Yours free.

However in this context, a landing page is an optimised page designed to elicit the action you want the visitor to take. The best way to do this is to channel them into just one action by limiting distractions. The most common action of a landing page or lead page is to collect someone’s email address in exchange for something of value. This is normally structured through having a lead magnet offer in the form of a free email course, PDF or book. This can also be a registration page for a free webinar or to sign up to a free members area which is my main current offer with the Bootstrappers Vault (created in clickfunnels).

A: Your purchase includes 1 year of support and updates. After 1 year, there is an optional renewal ($37/year) if you want continued support and updates. But if you dont want updates after the initial year, there are absolutely no ongoing fees.

Shopify POS that allows you to sell in a physical store or pop-up setting. It comes in the form of an app that lets you process orders in person, take payments, swipe credit cards, and control it all from your iPad or smartphone.

So lets say you are looking to build an Opt-in funnel and your objective is to collect people’s email address and in exchange give a bribe (e.g. ebook, cheat sheet etc.). So in order to complete this funnel generally you will need to create 2 pages:

Each publishing option launches a pop-up window on the screen detailing the steps you need to take to publish the landing page to your website. For instance, the WordPress plugin option prompts you to install and activate the plugin to your site and connect to ClickFunnels.

Creating a funnel in Instapage can be daunting to begin with, you need to create individual pages and link them together manually. You’ll find copying pages a piece of cake, and you can easily integrate all pages into WordPress or simply use a free sub domain or mask your own domain.

You’re not only going to save a significant amount of money on the ClickFunnels unlimited plan, but as a bonus you’re going to access to some incredible training, that if you apply what you learn from this training and blueprints, is going to significantly increase your success with ClickFunnels.

Bottom Line: Kajabi has all the email marketing you need to grow and develop your customer base, while you’ll need to employ the services of a third-party email marketing platform (such as InfusionSoft) if you go with Teachable.

Leadpages includes hundreds of landing page templates, all of which are optimized for desktop and mobile. It also includes two-step opt-in forms that you can use to generate leads from blog posts, articles and other on-page content.

No one wants to jump through a lot of hoops to sign up for your list. Make it easy on them. Leadpages gives you the option to offer SMS sign up. Send a text to their phone, they respond with an email address. That’s it. They’re signed up. Yay. It’s called LeadDigits and it’s a pretty killer little add-on if you’re a podcaster or speak from stage… Simply tell them to text you to get them on your list.

Forget multi-page checkouts, now you can completely control the checkout process to dramatically increase your conversions and decrease abandoned carts.  Want to add custom trust badges, test different button colors, add video, etc.?  Now you can!

Great chance to save money with this offer from clickfunnels.com. Apply code at checkout to receive this offer. Earn 10 FREE #Poker tickets!. Find out how #PokerStars – via PokerStarsPSO. remember to use “” as code!

I tried out Clickfunnels and was never a fan, been using Infusionsoft for 6+ years and its still does it all. I really can’t see shelling out a monthly fee to host pages I can get made myself on my own server…Don’t have anything negative to say, just wasn’t a good fit for myself.

The first area of this page which you’ll see is the ‘Action Score’ which is a score assigned to every single person who enters into any of your funnels in ClickFunnels and has to do with a bunch of different variables. The main ones are recency, frequency, monetary value and their social score.

I use funnel kit to link my local classified ads too and because of the lovely clean and especially GEO tagging and dynamic capture page that one can create it works and converts leads into sales very fast.

This is absolutely the right move. With WPMktgEngine you can create landing pages that live right in your WordPress, so you’ll have full control and your URL will be just like a page on your website. Our landing page builder is drag/drop and will do pretty much anything you want it to do, including allowing you to add forms and calls-to-action right into your pages. You’ll love it.

5. One Click Upsells can be done using a tool like Ontraport or Infusionsoft (with an additional plugin), or with some other checkout tools, so the key difference is only that ClickFunnels includes a checkout process, although OptimizePress’s free Memberplugin (OptimizeMember) can also do this so you could argue it’s included in OptimizePress as well.

“free clickfunnels account _clickfunnels pricing “

Being a few years beyond the Millennial generation, I was in need of a conversation with a Clickfunnels representative to answer my questions. A rep immediately emailed back some link that were in no way helpful. I emailed back to again request a conversation. A rep called Nicholas replied that they are not allowed to talk on the phone. Pathetic. Cutomer service is a zero.

Creating high-impact landing pages is essential if you want better results from your online marketing efforts. There are now many tools available that help you quickly create high quality landing pages. But which landing page tool is best? There are so many to choose from, each with different benefits.

LeadPages is much like Unbounce as they’re both landing page builders. It uses ClickFunnels style drag and drop functionality within a grid to stay as responsive as ClickFunnels. Something you won’t get with Unbounce.

That’s right! ClickFunnels offers a free trial account, before subscribing read this!  (What is ClickFunnels? /FREE 14 Day Trial ClickFunnels Account) There are a few options here to get the limited time ClickFunnels discount. Russell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels and the author of DotCom Secrets

Using Clickfunnels and taking advantage of Clickfunnels pricing, you can easily create a marketing funnel from scratch and include all the operational pieces needed to have a high converting funnel. In the “old days” of online business, you had to deal with website hosting, autoresponders, landing page vendors, amongst others just to have everything work in concert together.

In Thrive Themes you can host all of your content within the Thrive Apprentice feature, but it is not a membership area. It is built to be used in conjunction with membership plugins (some of which are available for free). Thrive Apprentice just provides a platform for you to structure and deliver your content.

Map out your funnel on paper first (it’s free!) and determine what products you will introduce, when, and how. Once you’ve got that nailed down, and your products created, THEN it’s time to put the pieces together and create the funnel.

Hey everyone, so excited to bring you this post today! Everyone knows I love speed. I think success favors the bold and the speedy, and so I’m always looking for the fastest and most efficient way to do everything.

I’ve got a 47 minute advanced Facebook advertising training. I’ve got a roadmap to email marketing that I’ve developed from my years of online marketing and building businesses. You got to have good email marketing because it’s got about a 4300% ROI which is really good return on your effort. My funnel hacking play book you also will get so you can mimic what other successful entrepreneurs online are doing. This is actually a principle taught by Russell Brunson and the Click Funnels team. I put together my own funnel hacking play book based on my experience. Then I’ll send you a free copy of Russell Brunson’s book, Dot Com Secrets Changed My Life as an Online Entrepreneur. Also, I’ll give you access to my membership funnel where you can get access to my Click Funnels basic training area and some other goodies that I throw in there from time to time for all my affiliates.

NEW! Now you can add 2-step checkout forms right on your checkout pages!  This means your customer input their personal information, then clicks to continue to open the billing form tab. This feature utilizes micro-commitments to increase conversions!

[…] do you find these customers and how do you get them to engage with you and eventually buy? With content marketing, whether your website or your newsletter, make sure to formulate it in such a way that your […]

You can go back and retroactively view data. Want to create a funnel that views your performance 3 months ago? No problem. As long as you were tracking data during that time, you can go back and view your performance. If you weren’t tracking data during that time, there are ways to import data into Kissmetrics.

Thank you..this was most helpful. I’m confused about the webinar service….do I still need a webinar service gotowebinar or webinar jam? Or is there already a webinar service (live and automated) included in clickfunnels?

Even though we’ve removed the unused functions that slowed down the original funnelKit plugin, this new, streamlined version still has all the same opt-in pulling power as the original… so you can effortlessly create marketing pages that convert as high as over 84%!

You’d want to setup a d simple funnel for each of your most popular services which includes a landing page describing the service in detail, plus an opt-in incentive (e.g. opt-in to see pricing) combined with some automated follow-up.

I highly recommend Dave at http://www.IntegratePro.com… He is who built my membership marketing stack and he has a team of developers too. I have my own developer for the ‘look’ of my site, but for the plugins, shopping carts, automations, etc… Dave puts all that together for me.

While I do understand that this can seem a bit pricey, compared to other products such as LeadPages. However, there is more functionality in ClickFunnels. Even still, this is a much better price than having to purchase all that it has to offer separately.

You can create various funnels, like one for webinar registration, one for Thank You page, and so on. The best part you ask? You can even have the billing part (if you need one) covered for you. Sales will be seamless with this tool.

So is it correct that Clickfunnels has the payment integration feature that leadpages does not? So if I want to offer a seminar that requires me to collect via venmo or paypal, Clickfunnels is the way to go?

Which is better, to use an opt-in form or a landing page? In the case of an opt-in form, I can use one or more of the 5 different types provided in ThriveLeads and have them display on an existing page. If I use a landing page as the opt-in form, however, I’d (1) have to create a completely new page and (2) I would be limited in the kinds/types of opt-in form types I could use. Am I overthinking this and confusing myself or is there actually an optimal strategy that I’m missing here?

Thinkific has been designed specifically with student experience as a core attribute – we understand that your student’s success is vital to your success as a course creator.  Kajabi’s platform attempts to satisfy a broad range of customer types.  As their focus is broad, it’s extremely difficult for them to compete with Thinkific on student experience.  Thinkific offers unique interactive tools like discussion threads, well-structured course curricula and course certificates, and a knowledge-base built specifically with student success in mind.   Customer reports suggest that Kajabi students have difficulty opting out of emails, resetting passwords, and with basic account management.  

If you do have a WordPress site, and an autoresponder service, then Thrive is a viable alternative, but you have to remember it is designed for making pages, rather than funnels, so it lacks a lot of the features that ClickFunnels has.

The next step in the sales funnel is sending your leads to a sales page. This is a special page that is designed to get people to buy. They often include an eye-catching headline, images or video, and bullet points describing the benefits that get the visitor excited and helps you close the sale.

NEW! Now you can offer recurring subscription products in your sales funnels to build a monthly continuity program or subscription program with our new “ReCharge Subscriptions” integration (requires the ReCharge App).

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